Stop Cancer with These 4 Foods

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It’s breast cancer awareness month! So what I wanted to do is share some major nuggets of how to truly prevent cancer. To often the attention goes to early detection, but when you think about it if we focused 100% of our efforts on prevention there’d be so many less women and men developing cancer.


These foods we’ll get into have very potent cancer effects do to their sulfur bonds that create an anti-cancer environment in the body.


In fact let’s get down to the facts of how great these foods actually are.


Observational studies have shown:

  • Three serving per week of cruciferous vegetables cut the risk of prostate cancer by 33%.

  • One or more servings of cabbage per week can cut the risk of pancreatic cancer by 38%.

Wowzer bobs…. That’s astounding!


And guess what happens when you eat these foods?

They’re not destroying your body in the process.

It’s not something where you have to hurry and hope that these foods kill the cancer before they kill you.


It’s helping to kill cancer while nourishing your body.. .and when used in conjunction with an over all healthy lifestyle the compound effects is amazing!


So how can these foods actually help to naturalize your body’s high acidic environment and prevent cancer?

1. They Detoxify Enzymes That Turn On Cancer Genes.

If you eat a lot of processed foods, sugars, over stressed and low immune system… this changes the bio chemistry of the body and during this time certain mediators will tell your DNA to turn on genes that lead to cancer growth. These foods actually do the opposite, which is great!


2. Halt Tumor Growth by Decreasing It’s Blood Supply


Cancer tumors are super greedy and love to suck up all the nutrients in your body to fuel their growth. So they create extra blood vessels in order for more nutrients to flow their way so they can continue to grow.  These foods help to cut off the blood to these cells preventing their growth and decreasing their size.


3. Initiates Programed Cell Death in Cancer Cells

The thing about cancer cells is they have a glitch. Normal healthy cells have the innate ability to commit suicide or kill themselves once they are old or something has gone awry and they aren’t able to do their job properly. The body has set up checks and balances so that cells that are no longer working will die, however this is not the same for caner cells. Cancer cells have turned off this ability and thus grow unchecked causing illness and death. 

So these foods are able to help the body initiate this process… score!


OK Now for these 4 Types of Foods That Stop Cancer


1. Cruciferous Veggies

These are veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and many more… to learn more about this veggies and their cancer fighting ability CLICK HERE.


These particular types of veggies are great for reducing your cancer risk for the long term and I make sure to keep these in my meals daily!


2. Allium Family      

These are foods like onions, leeks, garlic, and shallots. And can I just say… garlic and onions are like my favorite things in the world!


3. Legumes

This will include your beans and peas… try black beans, pinto and spit peas in your next soup dishes.

There are great bean chili dishes you can start incorporating in your diet.


4. Fruits

Avocados, bananas, grapefruit,  lemons… these foods are great for detoxifying and cancer prevention.


And I can hear you saying now, don’t bananas cause weight gain???

NOOOOOOOO! Not when you create a healthy diet over all. It’s only when you’re adding bananas on to an already unhealthy diet that it could actually lead to negative results in your weight loss. If you want to learn more on this you can check out this BLOG POST.