Will Bananas Make You Gain Weight?

I know a lot of us have herd this before, bananas are high in sugar and they lead to weight gain.


Now it’s true bananas are higher on the sugary side compared to some other fruits you could choose like strawberries or blueberries… but does it really lead you to grow wider in your waist line?




Total myth!


It’s not one thing in your diet that’s causing you to gain weight over all. It’s everything you’re eating combined. So if you have the choice between a 100 calorie snack and a banana… choose the banana every time!


Calories are not created equal and the calories found in bananas come along with disease fighting antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients that will help boost metabolism oppose to that nutrientless  low cal. snack food. It’s processed and your body has no idea what to do with that! This type of snack will end up slowing your metabolism and confusing your bodies’ hormonal messengers that keep you lean and healthy.


Bananas are a great way to calm your sweet tooth instead of reaching for that snickers bar. Also they’re a great energizing snack… so when you hit that 2pm slump, count on that banana to give you a natural boost.


So don’t believe the hype… bananas can actually help you lose weight instead of gain!

Lorisa GreenComment