Boost Metabolism Now with These 5 Foods

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I love teaching my clients how to start eating foods they love and eat as much as they want while still losing weight. And how to really burn fat and shift metabolism even if they have had problems with slow metabolism.  


So let’s start this thing off with communication. When we think about communication in a relationship as far as a marriage, boy friend and girl friend, friendships, or even in business relationships we need to have good communication with each other. Poor communication dissolves a relationship. It’s the same thing with our body. We have to think of our body as a vessel and it’s our final product.


What builds this product and gives it directions are the foods we eat. The food we eat is literally communication to our cells, to our DNA. And literally tells our DNA how to work, what to do, how to respond and how to maneuver through daily life.


FOOD IS THE COMMUNICATION for our cells to work… GET IT?!


Our body is used to a certain type of communication. It’s been getting the same form of communication for 150,000 year as long as the human race has been on this earth. And very recently over the last 60 years or so a different form of communication has enter the system with our food supply.


This makes the body feel like  “oh my gosh I don’t even now what this is saying”… “I’m going to try to work with it, I’m going to try and do my best but honestly I can’t promise anything because I don’t understand this language!”.


With our current food supply it’s very easy to get the communication system crossed. Funny thing is many people feel they’re eating healthy and still wonder why they aren’t losing weight. News flash if you “think you’re eating healthy” and you’re feeling exhausted a lot, your having stubborn fat, and you notice you’re getting sick often then more then likely you aren’t eating healthy.


What the majority of our food is saying to us now is I’m going to make you express that gene (or show that gene) that helps you put on pounds, that stores fat in your belly, and that makes you tired.


Because honestly your body is pulling from the nutrients you’re giving it, which aren’t really nutrients at all and it’s trying to make a recipe from it. The recipe it’s making is slow metabolism, weight gain, and low energy.


In order for you to shift the way your metabolism is working so that it actually works for you to burn more fat especially in the mid section we need to give it the communication it’s been used to hearing for the last 150,000 years!


Let’s jump in to these 5 things that can help! But first we must understand that one of these things alone is not a magic bullet… it’s a compound effect of using multiple things and creating an over all lifestyle to keep your metabolism as high as possible all day long!


1. Coconut Oil

Why I love coconut oil! Because I love sugar but I know I can’t eat sugar and sweet things all the time, however adding coconut oil really helps to sweeten up the taste to the foods that you love with out the effects of adding on pounds later. But why this helps you with metabolism is because it contains something called medium chain triglycerides or (MCTs). This is fat, however MCTs go straight to the liver to be processed to use as energy right then and there instead of being stored on your body for later as fat and helps to increase your metabolic rate.


2. Cacao Powder

This helps to turn on genes that will burn more fat for you. I don’t know about you, but I defiantly want to get in more foods that are going to speak to my genes and tell them to burn fat for me all day long! Looking for a great chocolate protein shake with cacao click here.


3. Green tea

Helps to increase metabolic rate by 4%-10%. In the grand scheme of things this may not sound like a lot, but for one, It’s way better then 0 and two this is really about combing multiple things which creates a huge compound effect to having you boosting metabolism from all angles. Also green tea helps to burn stored fat that’s already on your body up to as much as 17% more.


4. Ginger

Adding ginger to hot water helps to burn 43 more calories then just drinking hot water alone. Plus it’s known to decrease hunger and increase satiety helping you to eat less in thus lose more. This is why I include homemade ginger tea in the whole food total body cleanse (among other metabolism boosting remedies)!


5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon requires more energy for your body to process it. And because of this turns up your metabolic rate in the process and burns more calories!



Bing! Bang! Boom!

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