What is Belly Fat And Why do I Have It?

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“If I could just get rid of my belly, I’d be good” is what I hear from a lot of women who start my programs or work with me in coaching. This can be a huge problem area for women and getting the belly to be slimmer doesn’t have to be a difficult feet when you know what’s actually going on in your body to create it.


What many women will try to do is target this area with exercise doing ab workouts and may see a little bit of change but nothing too significant. Many women don’t understand that targeting this area with just exercise is not going to get you where you want to be if you don’t us the right nutrition to do so. When it comes to belly fat it’s 90% nutrition to target that area?


So what’s belly fat anyway?


Two Different Kinds.


1.    Visceral Fat

With this form you’ll notice a distended belly that feels soft but the skin isn’t really droopy or flabby per say….it’s more taunt. This form of fat forms around your organs in your abdominal cavity, which causes your belly to protrude.


2.    Subcutaneous Fat

This fat forms between the area of your skin and your abs. This fat you can really grab and feel and is more droopy or flabby.



Both forms of fat are protective mechanism for the body. Visceral fat is actually protecting your organs from the toxins in your body that you can largely find in your food. Our body is so magnificently made to save us at all cost. That belly fat is actually doing you a favor in the name of your health! So now you can look in the mirror and not be like OMG I hate this belly fat! Instead you can say … Thank You Body for trying to protect me! When we switch our mindset to appreciate how great the body really is you start to love it instead of having this battle or force with it. Which helps you to get on board with it and work as a team to lose weight and build health.


When our body is bombarded with lots of toxins in our food and in our environment our body will create a wall. A wall of fat! A lot of toxins are fat soluble and what are body will do is push those toxins into fat cells in order for them not to be floating all over our body destroying cellular DNA… now of course they still wreak havoc because our body can only handle so much.


So if you’re having a hard time losing belly fat, that’s a sure sign you may need a detox. What also happens with the formation of belly fat is that it’s very sensitive to sugar and more fat. So when you eat sugar and the wrong fats it’s more likely to feed your fat cells even more which causes them to grow larger. This is because insulin (the hormone in your body that allows your cells to accept nutrients for fuel to work properly) is attracted to these cells more.


To keep it short and sweet this sets off a chain reaction creating inflammation in these cells because they start to become so big that it cause them to leak out cellular particles which then the immune system wants to repair (it recognizes this as an injury). This creates more inflammation as more fat and sugar enter these cells and the immune system is stimulated. This also causes excess fluid retention in this area as well.


AHHHHHH! Sounds complicated??? Don’t make it.


So what to do?!  As I always state you must get detoxifying food into your body daily.


This could be as simple as adding a romaine salad with strawberries, olive oil, lemon juice, nuts, onions and avocado. This meal gives you a great source of leafy greens, antioxidant rich berries and healthy fats help to mobilize and excrete toxins to detoxify.


Blue green algae is also great to add to help detoxify such as spirulina powder or chlorella tabs (if you want to learn more about spirulina click HERE).


Morning smoothies are great too!


As well as making sure you stay hydrated with pure water to continuously flush toxins out of the system. Many people think the can stay hydrated just with water but it’s also important to get in hydrating foods as well.


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