4 Reasons to Use Spirulina in Your Smoothie Today

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Hawaiian spirulina is a blue green algae that grows in fresh water lakes, rivers, and ponds. It’s very high in chlorophyll and a source of plant based protein that can come in the form of powder or tablets… I like using the powder so I can add it my morning smoothies.


Spirulina has great nutritional benefits along with containing 300% of the recommended daily value of beta carotene, 290% vitamin B12, 30% Vitamin K, and 30% Iron which is a lot for just a simple teaspoon of powder.


Now let’s jump into these reasons why you need to put this in your smoothie today.


1. Detoxifying Daily is a Must

You can really detoxify daily just by getting in detoxifying foods that you can easily find in a plant based diet. You can check out my Mini Detox Bundle to get your 4 day detox started today. Studies have shown in umbilical cord blood to be contaminated with 25-39 different environmental chemicals … such a shame for a fetus to be exposed to these toxins before birth. Haven’t even taken their first breath! Now I don’t know how long you’ve been on this earth but at the time of writing this I’ve been here for 32 years … you could be 25, 30, 40,50,60!  Imagine the accumulation that we come into contact with in our environment each day. That’s a compound effect over time and a major reason why we as a nation are overweight and rampant with disease. This is horrible for our body as a whole. So getting in detoxifying food or whole food supplements like spirulina is key because it’s a potent detoxifier.


2. Spirulina Contains Loads of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green, the deeper green the more chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is great for 2 reason (well probably more then 2, but I’m giving you 2 here). First it attaches to heavy metals in our system (toxins) and actually pulls them out to be excreted  by the liver and through the kidneys and the colon.  Second, it actually helps you increase energy. Chlorophyll is the oxygen carrying component for plants and as human we use oxygen to breath to creates energy for our cells. When we get that element from plants, it helps to stimulate increased flows of oxygen therefor increased feelings of energy. This is very similar to when athletes practice at high altitudes to increase higher levels of endurance. What’s occurring in their body is the increase in oxygen carrying capacity in their blood due to high altitude… chlorophyll has a similar effect.



3. Helps to Prevent Candida Overgrowth.

Candida is found in your oral and intestinal tract along with the vagina. Candida is naturally occurring in our body. But it’s very important that our body keeps this in proper balance with the other microorganisms that help us digest our food and maintain other processes of the body. When we have an overgrowth of this microorganism it blocks nutrient absorption of our food, makes us feel tired and fatigued and can lead to autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, and  unexplained aches and pains. Eating lots of sugary foods is a risk factor for overgrowth of candida, or any food that turns directly into sugar in the body.

4. Helps to Improve Memory.

Our body naturally creates new cells and breaks down cells that no longer sever a purpose. In the process of breaking down the body produces waste in the form of free radicals, free radicals can destroy cellular DNA if they don’t have any way of being neutralized and properly excreted. Spirulina provides antioxidants in order to neutralize those free radicals in the brain. Which helps with stable mood and prevents brain fog.

Are you one of those people who can be in the middle of doing something and you totally forget what you were doing or that thought just leaves your mind? You’ve been chalking it up to it being just how you are, but nope there are things that can naturally help with that and spirulina  is one of them.


These are the 4 reasons to start putting spirulina in your smoothie today! If you’re looking for some other ways to start detoxifying your body now, check out these 5 detox breakfast recipes you can start making tomorrow.


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