Don't Let Vacation Get You Off Track!

First you need to get a hold of your mindset and understand this is a way of life… so incorporating it everywhere you go is key. This makes it easier!

Now lets get to this list!

One, if you’re staying in a hotel or a place that doesn’t have a kitchen try hitting up a buffet. Buffets usually have a veggie omelet option or a nice array of fruits and oatmeal. So when on vacation make sure you’re getting your healthiest foods in for breakfast and lunch. Start off early real strong so later on in the evening you don’t have to worry about it. Enjoy for dinner!

If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen…buy food so you can cook it your self …so cook up your breakfast and lunch and then go out for dinner.

Many of times on vacation you aren’t really sitting around … you’re out and about ... you may not want to carry a bunch of things with you so even though you may not have a water jug with you,  you still need to make sure you’re hydrated. So focus on getting in water early as soon as you wake up as well as every time you sit down to eat a meal.

Many people tend to lose track on vacation because they have no idea of where to eat. But that can’t be an excuse. You have access to the web on your cell phone. Yelp it! Get the app, type in vegetarian options or vegan options… these places will have healthier options to choose from. Pick the closest one to you with the highest rating and check it out!

For long road trips pack some snacks: fruits, chips and salsa, water… all these things. So when you stop and get gas you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck eating whatever is available there.

The biggest hurdle is having a plan and knowing the layout of the land so you know your options. But this definitely shouldn’t stop you!

Lorisa Green