Why You Should Be Eating Quinoa

Quinoa has become very popular in the last few years, but are you cooking it in your home?

Cause you should, especially if you’re trying to go more plant based. People always ask me where the heck do you get your protein from? And there are lots of plant-based sources that have protein and quinoa is one of them!

Quinoa is great for protein because unlike a lot of other plant based sources it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids, which are just small molecules that are proteins that create bigger proteins in our body. These 9 essential amino acids are essential because our body can’t make them on its own so it has to pull them from our diet… and quinoa is a great place to get that!

Quinoa is also known to have blood sugar control. Blood sugar we know spikes or drops depending on if we’ve just eaten and what we’ve just eaten. Blood sugar also controls when we are hungry. When we’re having these highs and lows of uncontrollable blood sugar it leads us to have uncontrollable hunger, which leads us to have these uncontrollable cravings.So when eating quinoa it helps balance blood sugar which in turn helps you balance your hunger and cravings.

Also, studies have shown that quinoa is counter active to fructose in the diet, so if you’re having fructose in your diet… we’ve all herd of high fructose corn syrup, right… quinoa can counteract the bad effects of that.

Some of the bad effects are weight gain, heart disease, irritability, sluggishness. Now that’s not an excuse to get in more fructose and use quinoa as a crutch but it is something to think about.

Also 3, why quinoa is so awesomely amazing is it contains antioxidants. We know that this is great in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but also antioxidants are just as important and something that isn’t seen on a nutritional label. But antioxidants are great because they protect our cells from cellular damage and protects our DNA… When DNA is damaged and our cells are damaged that’s when cancer comes into play because cells are unable to preform their job effectively and we all know we want to stay away from cancer as much as possible.

Antioxidants also help keep your skin looking clear, you looking younger, and you having more energy.

So if you don’t have some quinoa definitely get you some!


Lorisa Green