Best Breakfast Cereal Ever!



I know you’re going to be like; I’m tired of eating the same thing for breakfast all the time. And you don’t have to! But if you think about what you’re eating in your life right now you’re probably eating the same thing for breakfast right now any way.  The same breakfast cereals or bacon or ham or bagels.  We tend to gravitate toward the same things, but once you want to switch it over to being more healthy, people are like ah man I don’t want to eat that all the time! But you were eating the same thing all the time when you were eating unhealthier options, so what’s the difference now?


The thing we don’t realize is that our typical breakfast cereals found in super markets tend to have a lot of sugar. They’re made from processed grains that convert to sugar and even though we think we’re getting something super healthy because it says so on the package. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are. A lot of times these cereals are made with whole grains but they aren’t actually whole grains themselves…  so then our body absorbs it differently and it tends to spike our blood sugar and put on excess pounds.


Not saying you shouldn’t eat these at all, but you should gravitate toward more cereals that are legit whole grains and oatmeal is one of them… Oatmeal is awesomely amazing, because I say that everything I talk about is awesomely amazing, because it is, LOL.


Oatmeal is great because it’s absorbed slower in the digestive track so that means it helps to keep you full for longer so your eating less in the end and also prevents blood sugar from spiking so high. It’s released slowly into you blood stream so it gives you a stable form of energy so you’re not having these highs and lows of blood sugar which is what you want when you’re trying to control hunger. When you’re trying to control weight loss and when you’re trying to control cravings and energy as well.


So not only does that make it awesome but it also has some good protein in it. About 5 grams in a ½ of a cup and usually we’re eating at least 1 cup. That’s 10 grams of protein to start your day with!


Also oatmeal is a blank canvas. Now I’m not talking about the ones with cinnamon swirl, maple syrup, or the apple crunch, or whatever flavors they have that come prepackaged, I don’t mean those!


It’s important that you get plain oatmeal so you can jazz it up to the sweetness of your liking and know exactly what’s going into that bowl you’re eating. So don’t be shy add fruit, raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, and if you want more sweetness you can always add maple syrup or honey.


Doesn’t take long to make, only about 10 minutes. It’s super simple, super easy. Be sure to get creative and switch it up!  


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Lorisa Green