Kick Caffeine Now

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, or Mickey Ds are all places many of us go to get our daily fix of Vitamin C. And by vitamin C, I don’t mean what you find in your lovely bunch of oranges or your multivitamin each day. I'm talking about that good 1979555_10153903086375078_1152179686_ncaffeinated beverage. That helps us get out of bed and prepare to face the day with energy and vitality. We have so much to do in a day that getting that jolt of “go get em tiger” is needed because our bodies are so drained from what we did yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Its like our day is starting off with a negative energy level tank, and just to bring it up to good enough we shock our adrenals into action with our large cup of coffee to get our day on and moving. Now I’m not here to bash any coffee drinkers, that’s not how I roll. In fact the occasional cup, the body is able to handle very well. It’s the habitual consumption of caffeine throughout the day that leads to deregulation and ultimately fatigue. It’s one of those bring me ups to late me down kind of things. Or robbing Peter to pay Paul. Caffeine causes us to borrow energy stores for a quick burst of energy that then drops us back to bellow where we started. Not only that, it has the nerve to not give anything in return…. Sheesh! It you are one of those people who require caffeine throughout the day to get you through the day, and wonder why you are always still tired, its because you have shocked your adrenal glands so much. They’ve been over worked and underpaid and now you’re feeling the brunt of it. Your adrenals and your body are unable to regulate normal wakefulness because they’ve been overused and abused. Good thing the body is wired to bring itself back to a state of normalcy if given the right tools. The best thing you can do is cut back on your caffeine consumption, and here is how.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Our body is predominantly made of water. We require it for delivery of nutrients to our cells throughout our system, including our brains, along with the elimination of cellular waste from the body. Drinking water doesn’t directly give a burst of energy; due to the fact it has no calories. But it does provide for a more even balanced energy throughout the day indirectly through assisting all other bodily functions. No need to drink vitamin water or flavored varieties found on store shelves. Plain old water is just fine. If you’d like to jazz it up by adding some lemons, limes, or other fruits or veggies go right ahead. Get creative!

Drink tea instead. Green, black, and herbal teas are all great alternatives to the usual cup of coffee or soda we tend to reach for around that 2pm slump. Tea has drastically lower levels of caffeine then those beverages, but still can give you a little quick fix without the detrimental effects. Also these teas contain a wonderful array of nutrients and antioxidant that benefit your body in the long run.

Don’t skimp on sleep. This one is huge, we all do it, there is just so much we want to get done in a day that something has to take the back burner and its usually our sleep. Sleep is a very critical time for our bodies to rebuild and reboot so that going on into the next day we are fully energized and have all of our cells healthfully made and ready to face the day. Skipping a few hours here and there won’t do much to put you in the negative. But our constant sleep deprivation catches up to us sooner then later. Not just with low energy levels, but also with chronic health problems that then develop. Stay on track with your sleep by taking naps throughout the day weather they are ten minutes or an hour. Also making sure that you have a normal sleep wake cycle that remains routine whether your are going to work or off that day is very crucial to getting your consistent ZZZs in.

Hit the gym. Many studies have proven that working out and getting active is better at boosting energy levels then stimulants. Which means, get out, walk around, and experience life. Active daily movement gets the blood flowing and allows for greater oxygen delivery to your lovely little cells, which is required to create energy. Also with exercise we get a burst of feel good with endorphins that put us in an overall good mood. Many people that deal with fatigue find that exercise gives them the energy they need to do more then they could ever dream in one day.

Don’t ditch breakfast. Our cup of coffee in the morning for many of us can serve as our deliciously prepared meal to start our day. We should not be skipping breakfast, other meals, or snacks throughout the day. Nothing takes the place of real food. Food is where we draw our energy. And not getting enough calories throughout the day will propel us into a tired existence. Food provides us with nutrients, vitamins, and all the fixings we require to keep energy levels on high.

Eat nutritious foods. Again our food is suppose to provide us with all the ingredients we need to sustain life and energy. Depending on what foods we place in our body can either take or give us energy. Making sure to have a diet high in whole foods such as fish, green leafy veggies, fruits, and beans can help your energy levels remain where they need to be to get you through the day. Remember that meat can be good, but increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is what is really going to give you great sustainable energy levels.

As you start to incorporate these actions into your life, you will notice that it will be much easier to cut back on caffeine consumption. Remember it is a process and nothing happens over night. Be patient and stick with it, your body will thank you for it.