Looking for a Quick Fast Food Option… Chipotle Has Got You Covered

I have to give it to Chipotle. Not only do they have wonderful tasting food, they are also a fast food company that stands for creating a better world through treating the environment with respect and delivering its customers with the best quality food possible. With all the fast food options in the world, 95% have such unhealthy options to choose from and the healthy options they do have, aren’t really healthy at all. Chipotle has really discovered the blue print to delivering up healthy responsibly grown and raised food as well as making big profits. High five to that!

For one their food taste so yummly, yes I said yummly, and this is because they pride themselves on using whole foods in all of their ingredients. They stray away from artificial flavors and products, which allows for you to get the full vibrant taste of actual real food. Not food made in a lab or factory. Chipotle sources it foods from farms only and not to mention they are local at that. This allows for them to support the community in which they serve. And also gives local farms the business they deserve for doing the right thing.

But Chipotle doesn’t just buy from any farm, they make sure that farms they do purchase from are responsibly raising there meat products, by allowing animals to be pastured or raised in living conditions that provide them with humane living. And those that focus on growing vegetables in nutritious soils. Factory farms have no place in Chipotle’s agenda and they look to keep it that way.

You and I both know that the best tasting foods are made fresh. I have come out of many of restaurants and felt that the food I ate there was nothing compared to the food I could make in my own kitchen. The kitchen in Chipotle gets plenty work, because they cook their ingredients fresh in the store. No wonder they have such great tasting food. No left overs or products that have been frozen for weeks, they got the good stuff!

Oh yea! Did I mention that all ingredients are NON-GMO. Oh I didn’t? Well they are!! I am a big cheerleader for all things non-GMO. That’s a big reason why I try to buy all organic, at least I know the genetic code of my food hasn’t been tampered with. And this is a huge reason why I’m In Love with Chipotle.

Oh and now they have free guac on all entrees!! Whoop Whoop!

Lorisa Leigh