Top Foods for Healthy Hair

Its Important to know that when trying to grow healthy hair what you put into your body may be just as if not more important then what you put on your hair. If any of you are trying to encourage those follicles of yours to gain some length, strength, luster, and shine. Or if you just want to maintain it’s healthily look check out this list of awesomely delicious foods below Salmonimages-6

Salmon is a strong contender; it contains high levels of protein, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. All 3 ingredients are needed to grown strong healthy hair. If salmon or fish isn’t your thing, you could always consider using a fish oil supplement to get in your proper dose of omega 3s for the day


More specifically kidney and lentils contain iron rich protein for your lovely locks. This is especially important for those plaint-based eaters such as myself, who don’t get their iron from meat sources. Lets not also forget that these beans are a good source of biotin as well. Biotin is a vitamin that has been known to promote healthy hair growth.

Leafy Greens

stock-photo-green-vegetables-and-dark-leafy-food-background-as-a-healthy-eating-concept-of-fresh-garden-produce-154023704-1Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, and Swiss Chard

These lovely green veggies promote sebum production, which is the oil that nourishes your scalp and hair. With out it our hair would become very dry and brittle. The Vitamins A and C within these foods are what keeps these juices flowing.


Citrus Fruits & Berries

Here comes Vitamin C again. The C in these fruits assists with iron absorption as well as circulation to the scalp. This helps to nourish the hair follicle and prevent breakage.

 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body. This wonderfully delicious goodness helps prevent dull hair and dandruff.

images-7 Nuts

Nuts are high in protein and help add building blocks to our hair production. Walnuts are especially fantastical due to their high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. This is the first time Vitamin E has shown up on our list, this is a biggy because Vitamin E helps prevent DNA damage to cells. Hair is often prone to damage, due to its constant exposure to the elements. Making sure you get the proper levels of vitamin E in your diet can help defend your tresses from this problemo.

 Vegetable Oil

Healthy fats such as olive oil, my personal favorite, add luster and shine to your hair, preventing a dull flat look that no sexy lady out there wants!


Now personally I don’t eat eggs, but nonetheless they do deserve a spot on the list due to their high levels of protein along with minerals such as sulfur, zinc, iron, and selenium.

There are many other lovely foods that boast great qualities when it comes to healthy hair growth. This is by no means an all-encompassing list, but a starting point to discover what foods work best for you and your hair journey.

Lorisa Leigh