Live Your Purpose

jumping-for-joy1 No one can be who you are in this moment, know that and embrace that. We are all uniquely made for a purpose and have something to offer this world. Growing up I’d always hear people say things like this but never fully understood what it meant. I’m made for a purpose, ummmmm yea oooookkkk???? Which is what exactly??? I just figured I would graduate high school, possibly go to college, get married, and have kids, you know what everyone else seems to be doing, that was my purpose right? WRONG!!!!

As I got to my early to mid twenties I started to realize there was something not quite right, there was a piece that I was missing and I had no clue where to find it. At that time I didn’t realize, but I was lacking purpose, my purpose. During the week I would work like a dog at the hospital impatiently waiting for the weekend so I could live it up, down a few drinks, and party with my girls…Whoop Whoop! But at the end of every weekend I would literally say “now what”. Is this my life? There had to be more, more to life then what I was experiencing.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that a true shift in consciousness awoke me. I realized that I could do and be whatever I wanted. I can have a career that serves me as I serve others and feel totally fulfilled in the process. I don’t have to wait for the weekend to start living, but I could and should feel as though I am truly living every single day. I didn’t have to go to grad school just because all my other peers were going. NO! There was a different path for me, I dropped out (in no way shape or form am I promoting this by the way).

What is your path? What is your purpose? Do you know? Regardless of who you are and what your purpose may be, you will always feel that lack, that missing something until you can fulfill what you came here to do. Don’t be scared, you have something in you that is a burning desire, we all do, but until you embrace that you will forever fill that itch, that inkling that missing piece. Don’t be that person who walks through life wishing their life could have been different. Do what you came here to do and live your purpose.


Lorisa Leigh