3 Weight Loss Myths Halting Your Fat Loss

Let's dive into these three commonly misunderstood weight loss myths that are stopping you from looking great in your clothes and feeling amazing in your body.

There are so many misconceptions out there that lead women to feel overwhelmed and confused about how to properly lose weight safely and keep it off for good.

Often times, you may find yourself trying one thing, then a few weeks later you try another strategy but yet still end up with no worthwhile results to show for all your hard work. Isn’t that frustrating? Don’t worry, you are't alone! 

Tune in to see if you are falling into the trap of these mistakes.

Here are the 3 mistakes we discuss:

1. You're killing yourself in the gym and aren't really seeing much results 

2. You're focusing on the calories you eat

3. You're giving up foods you love

Listen in on this episode of the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Podcast to go deeper into these mistakes and finally kick them to the curb! 

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Lorisa Green