Benefits of Cilantro

I often see cilantro as pretty little garnishes on restaurant dishes and pushed a side by eaters ready to devour the delicious meal that’s been placed before them by their waitress.

I’m not sure how cilantro became so minimalized to something that’s meant to add décor to your plate, and treated as if it has no other use but to sit on top of your meal just for looks.

In fact if you truly knew the benefits those precious leaves have you’d probably ask for more then just a single stem.

Cilantro is one of the only herbs that remove heavy metals such as, lead, mercury, and aluminum from your body. This herb provides powerful detox support and should be incorporated in your detox regimen.

Cilantro also helps to aid in digestive support by increasing the muscle movement in your intestine, which allows for waste to move through your system more efficiently. Constipation is no fun and can cause you to have belly bloat and acne prone skin.  This can totally be avoided by adding in some fresh cilantro leaves to round out your meals.

This powerful herb also aids in preventing urinary tract infections along with kidney stones. This is great because when detoxifying the system you want to make sure your elimination pathways are all clear and ready to easily release.

Building strong bones is another benefit that cilantro can boast due to its high content of vitamin K, which helps to form healthy bone structure.

Thinking about adding more cilantro to your life?

I thought so.

For starters, you can add the leaves to top of your salad. This gives it a nice kick and taste so refreshing.