How to Beat Exhaustion



Does your biz have you stressed, or is the big guy down your back? Feeling at your wits end or just about on your way there. As women on the move we have so much to handle. How the heck do you juggle a flourishing career and biz without driving yourself close to the edge?

I find that women accomplishing major goals tend to do so at the detriment to their own sanity and it doesn’t have to be that way. Late nights and early mornings tend to become the norm. And that 8 oz. cup of coffee soon turns into your regular 32 oz. pick me up in the morning. Trust me I get it, when you have laser focus on your goal, you must do anything (with in reason) that will get you there, and if loosing a few hours of sleep will get you where you need to go then hey… do you beau.

We must note though, that pushing yourself to the limit like this will sooner then later catch up with you. Productivity is extremely important when in a demanding career, when this falls so does everything else. Forgetfulness, not being able to think clearly, and accidents are just a few incidents that start happening after exhaustion sinks in. Not to mention weight gain, wrinkled skin and hyperpigmentation form as well. One study showed that people from the ages of 30-50 who missed out on sleep on a regular basis had more fine lines and wrinkles then those who got the proper amount of sleep. Now I don’t know about you, but when walking through life and owning it… I need not only rock my business but I also need to look good doing it.

Sickness can also rear its ugly head, whether it is the common cold/flu or more serious problems like heart disease or cancer. When are bodies get proper rest and relaxation, it gives our immune system time to reboot and develop more cytokines & prostaglandins. These are cellular chemicals that mediate the immune response and help us fight off attacks from bacteria, viruses, and disease. With exhaustion these cellular chemicals are not replenish properly and this becomes a detriment to our health. More colds equals less days of work and less days of work equal lower return on investment. I need my time and energy to give me my highest return.

Now again, I get it. When you eat, sleep, and breathe your goals; lack of sleep is something that just happens. But don’t lose your sanity and don’t drop your productivity. Start scheduling time for yourself. Seriously, write it in your planner and give your self 1 to 2 hours a week at least to decompress and reboot. You much write this down, doing so will make it more likely that you will commit and stick with this routine.

You can decide to go to the movies, get a massage, go to the spa, read a book, take a walk, or whatever allows your mind and body to truly relax… Just do it. Even though you may be thinking how the heck can I fit this in, I already have so much to do. With adding these simple pleasures to your life, you end up having more productive time then you ever had before.

So with that, keep reaching for the moon and schedule some good mediation in while you’re doing so!