Why I’m Down with Farmers' Markets

the-market-place-821843_640It seems that these days farmers' markets are all the rage. With many more people becoming aware of how important it is to remain healthy. Also, there has been an increase in individuals that want to build sustainable communities that thrive. Finding a local farmers market in your community can be a win win for all involved. Here are just a few reasons why I love them.

For one the produce is supper fresh. I don’t know about you, but I can sure taste the difference between kale I buy from a super market opposed to kale I get from a local farm. It’s hard to describe but it just taste so deliciously green. The reason for this is; local farm fruit, veggies, and meats are picked fresh. They do not need to be picked before they reach their peek because they have no miles to travel. In many industrial farms that ship their products throughout the country and the world, produce is picked before it’s ripe so that by the time it makes it to super market shelves it will remain edible. At a local farm your fruit is picked at prime time and ready for you to eat ASAP without the long distance travel. This allows for a fresher taste and higher nutrient content.

I am really big on buying organic. Food laden with pesticides and chemicals can’t be good for anyone or the environment. I mean if these chemicals kill bugs, what do you think they are doing to you. Of course we aren’t dying right away, but over time a build up of toxic chemicals in your body will surely cause harm. Not to mention the residue that ends up in rivers, streams, air, and the rest of our environment. You can find many farms that feel the same way and thus don’t use chemicals on their crops. These places may not be certified organic, due to the regulations and money it takes to get and keep this certification. But none the less still are organic, just with out the fancy label. This works out for your pockets in the long run, which brings me to my next point.

You save money! I can find chemical free produce for a dollar less then what it is in the store. Yes! I will take that extra cash in my pocket please!

Last but not least, you are supporting your local farmers and thus supporting your community. Choosing local produce is not only great for you, but also your environment. The fewer miles it travels the less gas is required to drive delivery trucks as well as decrease exhaust fumes in the air. That’s my good breathing air by the way! Small local farms are not necessarily big huge productions such as industrialized farms and thus need our business to help provide us with nutritious foods. So why not support them as they strive to support us.

Are you thinking of checking out a farmers market in your area? Check out this website to see which ones are closest to you. http://www.localharvest.org/