Get Back to Your Flow

Do you need to get back into your flow of abundance? Or just want to maintain those good vibes. Its time to check your karma meter, it mimgres-2ay be time for a cleanse! We always chat about the importance of cleansing our body of toxins, but what about our minds. It’s definitely a terrible thing to waste, oh so cliché, but so true! Your mindset determines everything about you and how your life unfolds. So lets get back to that positive flow. 1. Be grateful

You can never be blessed with more, until you can be happy and responsible with what you already have. Wake up in the morning with a smile and say thank you for something that you have in your life. I even say thank your for things that I don’t have, because even though I may not have them yet I know I have them in my future. Its just my job to got get it!

2. Act with Love

We are all extensions of the same energy. In plain words we are the same! When doing something for someone else always act with love and never out of fear, mistrust, or reluctance. The universes can sense your energy. And what ever you give out is always what you get back. Essentially whatever you do to or for someone else, you are doing it to yourself.

3. Check your Motives

Act from the heart and always follow through. Never do things just to be seen, for the universe always knows your heart.

4. Watch your Attitude.

Don’t walk through life with RBF other wise known as resting bitch face… smile some time its ok, trust me. Say hello to people you walk by with a smile. You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

5. Forgive

Always always forgive. Built up resentment will harden your heart and deplete your soul. You may never understand why some people do the things that they do, but it is not for you to. Everyone is on their own journey and must learn lessons just as you. If someone is not on your same plane yet, that’s ok. They had a different lesson to learn.

Hope this helps you release some unwanted energy today!