Chillax: Don't Let Stress Get You Stressed

Hey, Did you knostress-versus-relaxation-16489424w that constant stress could suppress your immunes system and prevent the body’s natural healing response? We are all magnificently made to protect ourselves from harm. Our immune system is so powerful at keeping us the healthiest we can possibly be when we treat our bodies right. We are all living in a fast past world where we are pulled in one direction by our jobs, school, home life, heck even driving in traffic can grind your gears. There is no real way to avoid stress altogether, it’s a constant part of our modern society. But just because we can’t avoid it doesn’t mean we can’t control our reaction to those stressful stimuli. Here are some ways to mellow out when life just gets too intense. Deep Breathe 

There are different technics of breathing but to start off just use the simple in through your nose out through your mouth slowly, evenly, and deeply. Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system due to the increase in oxygen supply to the brain. This action promotes a state of calmness and wellbeing and allows for you to quiet your mind as well as takes your awareness away from your worries.


Mediation is another way to quite your mind due to inducing a deep state of relaxation. Through mediation you eliminate the many thoughts that are fighting for your attention and focus your mind on one idea or nothing at all. This practice has been known to increase emotional positivity and give people a better ability to deal with the many stressors of life.


Prayer is a direct line of communication to God, a higher power. It connects you with the world around you and elevates you to a higher consciousness. Research has shown that those who are religious or spiritual are able to cope better with stress and heal faster from illness.

Listen to Music

Music at slower tempos makes you feel calm and relaxed. They quiet your mind and allow stress to be released. Certain music can cause the brain to synchronize with the beat causing the same brain waves that are present when we are relaxed and conscious. These brain waves are known as alpha waves. Celtic, Indian stringed instruments, flutes, and drums are among the most soothing sounds. Nature sounds mixed with light jazz, classical, and easy listening are also calming to the mind.

Go for a Walk or Hike 

Walking can induce a meditative like state in your brain as well as release potent endorphins to combat stress.


Really?? No explanation needed here. Massage has long been known to not only relive psychological stress but physical stress as well. Just after 15 minutes of sitting in a massage chair individuals were noted to have significantly lower heart rates, blood pressure, and oxygen consumption. Most interesting though is the reduction in cortisol levels after a 15-minute massage. Cortisol is a hormone released during the fight or flight response. It is one of the stress hormones along with epinephrine, and is elevated in the chronically stressed.


Combines the elements of stretching, physical movement, controlled breathing, medication and mental imagery in to one practice. With activates like these there no way not to chillax after a long day.

Hit the Gym

Here comes those endorphins again, endorphins are our bodies feel good chemicals. They simulate our pleasure areas in the brain and make us feel great. Exercising conjures up these chemicals and really boosts your mood after a good work out.


I know you all have herd that your body is unable to tell the difference between real and fake laughter. Next time, when you know what is hitting the fan and your going bonkers, just laugh. Really, I’m serious. Your body will think you are laughing for real and stimulate that feel good sensation. It has also been know to boost immune cell function.

Turn off Your Phone

Now a days everyone is so glued to there phone. God for bid you loose it, it feels like you are total disconnected from life….wait, Some times its actually nice to be disconnected from life. Set aside an hour or 2 everyday where your phone is off and away and you don’t have to be assaulted by the constant barrage of text messages, emails, or facebook notifications. I mean do you really need to see who just got married or who had another baby right this second. That can wait a couple hours right?

Hang out with Friends or Loved Ones 

Take some time to hang with the ones you love and who love you. There’s always something special about spending time with family and friends. Its been noted that in societies where people live the longest, have a very strong social connection with their community. Strong fulfilling relationships help to brunt the effects of stress and allow your body to feel loved.


Visualization is a great one! You can try this upon wakening in the morning or any time of day really. Find a quiet place, sit up straight and take in a few deep breaths. Then start to visualize your self in one of your favorite places, for me this would be the beach. Try to hold that image in your mind for about 10 minutes. It almost makes your feel like you were actually there, and gives you a chance to take a brake from life for a little. It’s your mini mind vacay!


Hey sometimes you just have to let it out. Screaming can be an avenue to verbalize and release tension that has been building up for lord knows how long. But makes sure not to scream at others, that’s no bueno. Go to a room alone and let it rip!

Anything missing from this list? Let me know!

Lorisa Leigh