I’ll Pass on the Supplements and Take That Glass of Wine!

Natural supplement pills are pretty big business in the US almost to the point where it’s got me thinking who's behind this anyway? Many of us are all trying to find that fountain of youth and supplements whether you like to admit it or not plays on that idea.

I mean the reasons we take supplements are to help or prevent a certain health problem(s). And we treat or prevent certain health problems so we can live happier lives, but most importantly to extend our lives. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about the supplements myself. I take them everyday! But did you know there are places in the world where people are living well in to the 100s? Do you think these people are worried about the most highly absorbable form of fish oil pill or getting in their daily vitamin D3? Heck no!!! They’re out at happy hour enjoying a drink with their friends. Sign me up for that!

Seriously though, Studies have investigated these different places in the world and looked at things within their societies that were similar. Having 1-2 drinks everyday was apparent in the majority of them. Now binging at a party or by your lonesome on the weekends does not meet this criteria (sorry college kids). But enjoying the spirits in moderation seems to have a positive affect.

There are a few reasons as to why. For one, often times in these cultures they are drinking amongst family and friends. This allows for social contact with others and plays a huge role in longevity. Just having 3 close friends that you know you can count on has been known to add years to your life. Second, wine is the go to here. High quality wines have generous amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent DNA damage in our bodies and if you didn’t know DNA damage is what leads to disease and aging.

Lastly, that red liquid in your glass is a huge stress reliever. Stress kills. It can cause heart attacks, chronic fatigue and a host of other issues. The people in these parts of the world have very low rates of heart disease and are working well into their 90s. Now that’s amazing!

For more information about these parts of the world and what other lifestyle qualities contribute to longevity check out  http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/2009/06/live-longer-dan-buettner-text/2

Lorisa Leigh