Hey There, I'm Lorisa Leigh the Mind Body Detox Diva, for you... the driven and highly motivated woman ready to step into her balanced and energized life. 


To put it straight, I'm all for helping you get the energy you've been craving, leave sugar/caffiene behind, and detox saftly & effectively while loosing fat. 


Right now, I'm sure you’re feeling frustrated, stressed, and tired, literally and figuratively


Yep that was me.


I didn't realize there was even a problem.


I was going about my life working crazy hours, eating a well-balanced meal full of sugar & chemicals, and thriving on caffeine to keep me energized. I had adult acne, which I was on oral and topical meds for, my constipation was no joke, and I was tired all the time.


And none of this made me want to change my lifestyle until I was just so tired and fed up that even on my days off I was just so exhausted.


So I made a half ass attempt for a whole year to change my life so I could finally get the energy I craved and the nutrition I was missing.


And lets just say it didn't work out to well. I ended up smashing into a huge wall.... the CANCER wall. And believe me that’s a hard wall to hit. From that point on the life I was living was no longer of interest to me and it was time for a CHANGE.

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Now CANCER free, ACNE free, ENERGIZED, and poop shoot flowing. I finally feel like I'm living my best life possible and it feels amazing.

I wasn't a person who could just gradually let my old eating habits die hard. I had to take a stand and go through an all plant based whole foods detox ... and let me tell you,  auuuuumaziiing. 


Now me being a nurse I should more then know better the damage I was doing to my body. But I was focused on working more hours to get more money as well as climbing my way to the top of the nursing ranks.


Than one day my now husband introduced me to a book called the China Study... He was vegan and trust me, I had no interest in dabbling in that lifestyle so to me the book wasn't something of interest. I had gone to nursing school for 4 years, I think I know a thing or two about health.


I was so clueless...


But finally with much coercion I read the book and boy was this an eye opener. It taught me that my lifestyle and the things I ate really do have an affect on me regardless if I feel so or not and this book is what lead me on a journey to know more.


At this point my half ass attempt to change my life was happening, but not doing any good.


I still had adult acne, I was constipated to no end, and my exhaustion could be overwhelming. Then April 2014 at the age of 27 I found out the most horrific news ,I had a rare cancer growing in my left knee. 


At this point there was no turning back, it was time to change my life for good. So I researched and researched and researched until I came up with a good regimen that worked with my lifestyle to get my life and health on track.


I ditched the sugar, processed foods and embraced whole nutritious food in my life. In fact, I went on a raw food cleanse for the course of 3 months to kick start my new lifestyle. 


Getting more comfortable in the kitchen was key for me. 


Now I'm no Rachel Ray but I can cook a mean veggie stir-fry.


I went on a quest to change the hours that I was working. Destressed my life by going to the gym and adding in some mediation. And really delved deeper into my spiritual practice. I also enrolled in the school Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I studied to become a holistic health coach.


Merging what I know from my 9 years of being a registered nurse with the lessons taught at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I have learned a wealth of knowledge that has blown me away and changed my life. I no longer suffer from chronic fatigue, I have a healthy relationship with sugar, I have weaned myself off of my acne medications and now have clearer skin, as well as a better working gut. And best of all, I am cancer free!


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You too can have an abundance of energy, cut your sugar cravings, and leave the stress and overwhelm behind. Look great and feel amazing in your body.... you deserve it.... And I can show you how.

By Detoxing effectively with pure whole plant based foods.


Live the healthy life you’ve always wanted and create real lasting change. These 5 tips will make your transformation to a leaner and healthier you easy and automatic.


We women are all beautifully unique go getters and many times keep going to the detriment of our own well being.

Giving your body a chance to reset through a proper detox program can be key when taking your body and energy to the next level. 


Three Fun Facts About Me : If you dare to know


  • I enjoy busting out some nice dance moves on the regular. I can't pop lock, but as soon as I hear the DJ paying my song... you can catch me on that dance floor.


  • I have a 3-legged dog named Blake. This is my first dog peeps. I never was a real dog-lover, but having her around brings so much joy and has totally changed my perspective of those crazy pet loving people, which I have now become.


  • I met my husband on an online dating site... he was the first and only person I’ve ever met on line. I get results girl... just stick with me!


  • Bonus Fact:

        I don't maneuver in the deprivation mentality, if I want it I have it.


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