Well Hello Lady, welcome to the wonderful world of loving the body you’re in, and abundant energy.


Not there yet? Then It's time for a reset! 


My name is Lorisa and I'm the Mind Body Detox Diva. I work with women just like you... you know the women in that demanding career or the shepreneur that’s rocking her business, but has forgotten to take care of herself. 

I know, I know, between business meetings, client needs, taking care of the fam, and afternoon happy hour; finding the time to pee for five minutes uninterrupted let alone work on geting your body to where you want it to be is hard to get around to.


But what if I told you, you could get that flatter belly, ditch that caffeine and get super charged energy by adding pure whole foods, to detox your body naturally, without interrupting your pee break and all of the above!


No supplements, no meal replacement shakes, and no powdered detox teas. Ditch the diets, it's time to eat real food that you love and enjoy!


As a successful shepreneur with the go getter mentality, I know all to well the vicious cycle of forever trying to fit more task into the same amount of time until there comes a point where you push taking care of yourself out of the equation. And no I don't mean getting that fresh mani and pedi every two weeks or heading to the salon to keep your hair looking snatched. I mean truly nourishing your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.


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So here, in my little space of the World Wide Web you will find delicious Plant based recipes, Detox tips & life hacks on health, wellness, & the everyday grind.

It's like your own little how to Guide to reset your body's internal thermostat and live your ultimate energized life! 

It's Detox Time