Use the Power of Belief & Your Subconscious Mind to Move Past Fear with Sophie Kessner

95% of our life is being controlled by our subconscious mind. Which means your life is being run by programs and patterns that are on autopilot that you're unaware of. 

Want to learn how to reprogram and harness the power of your subconscious mind to push past fear and create the life you want? Then tune in to this episode with Sophie Kessner, Business Mentor & Coach. She's dropping some major nuggets! 

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How to Eat Like a Fruitarian with John DePass

Dive into this episode with John DePass who is a personal trainer and detox specialist,  as he shares the benefits of being a fruitarian and what health benefits he's experienced since going fromm a high animal protein based diet to his diet now comprising mostly fruits. 

In this episode you'll here me say I'm transitioning to vegan buuuuuuuut, I'm sitting pretty over here with my plant based diet and still incorporating fish ;). 

Tune in to hear all the goodness!

You can also listen to this podcast as you're driving to work or hitting the gym on iTunes.

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Spiritual Healing with Dr. Crystal Jones

Need a good spiritual cleansing? Then this episode is one you'll want to listen to.

Dr. Crystal Jones goes into discuss how the stories we tell ourselves are so critical when it comes to the spiritual healing journey and also challenges us to recognize our power and how to use it to work through chronic pain, medical illnesses, and mental disorders. 

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My Client Maryann Shares Her Transformation Story

Maryann, busy entrepreneur and single mom, shares her story from feeling overwhelmed in every area of her life to how she created balance in her and her daughter’s health along with in her business through the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Mind Body Transformation Program. 

Listen in! 

You can also listen to episodes of the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Podcast on iTunes as you drive into work as new episodes come out every Monday. 

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Is This Your Energy Suck?

Have you been feeling a little lackluster lately even though you are trying to do everything right in order to NOT feel that way?

It could be the subconscious mind working against you.

In this episode, We walk through considering a few simple negative influences that we are all at the mercy of on a daily basis that may be contributing to a low-energy issue!



Eating Plant Based But Still Fell Sucky

Have you switched over to a plant-based diet but still feeling less than your best? - There may be something you’re doing wrong.

When switching to plant-based you need to be sure you’re incorporating those nutrient-dense whole foods opposed to the prepackaged processed BS.
You don’t’ want to become a junk food vegan or plant-based eater as this will totally defeat the purpose!
Tune in to this episode to get the low down on nutritional advice for what you need to do to feel your best while transitioning or trying to maintain a plant-based way of life.