Hey There, I'm Lorisa Leigh.


The creator of the soul centered personal development movement and coaching company, Wealth & Wellness + Soul.


I help ambitious female entrepreneurs & leaders embody the confidence to skyrocket their income, grow their business and live their God-given purpose.


If you're a passionate woman leader, who's obsessed with busting through your limitations, up-leveling your life and business, creating more income, and co-creating with God your ultimate reality...


Whoop whoop.... You've hit the mother-land!


This is a community of women go getters; creating the life, body, and income they want by aligning with soul to manifest their dream life (which no longer remains a dream but comes forth right before your eyes).


These women are willing to do the inner work and take action outwardly to call in whatever reality they so choose.


Sounds like your people?


I knew it!


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As a child I grew up with a strong single mom who did everything she could to put me on the right track to being a successful human being. And can I just say she rocked it!


There were times however where bills couldn't get paid and we'd be without water, or electricity, or a phone so we could have the finer things in life...


Like Food…. I can say…… never went hungry that's for sure!


I can remember the one time in high school l was walking in to my last class of the day, Spanish class.


I really loved this class because not only was it at the end of the day, but I loved to learn Spanish and best of all…


All of my 3 besties were in this class,  talk about a win!

As I walked through the door I zoned in on the squad in the back right, flashed a smile, and proceeded to head over.


As I walked…. I hear one of my friends shout "Hey Lorisa, I tried calling you last night but your phone was turned off!”


What?! As you could imagine the embarrassment that came after that... yikes!


I share this story because wealth and money was not something I grew up thinking was easy to come by or even a possibility for me. At most I wanted to get a good comfortable paying job, keep a good credit score and be able to pay my bills on time.


Ehhh... doesn't sound to exciting does it?


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As I grew older and understood how are physical & spiritual world work together to bring about what we so choose, whether we are consciously choosing it or not. I started to bring new beliefs, new results, and not just more income into my life, but better health, a love relationship, and solid friendships.


Today I am proud to say, I grew my first Health & Wellness company to 30K months, and created passive income streams through real estate, all while making sure I take time for myself, feeling energized and traveling the world, while building those connected relationships with the ones I love.


And can I say I didn't do this because of the strategy behind what it takes to build a business or what it takes to create soul aligned friends and loving relationships.


The one thing that helped me the most was understanding my role in co-creating my world with the Universe. I had to play the inner game before I saw it manifest into my reality.



If at any time you felt lost, frustrated, and so stuck in your day to day task, with no sense of clarity, it's like you want more but you keep hitting the glass ceiling.. 


This is a sure sign you are not harnessing your God given energy to call in the reality you want to experience.


As a Transformation & Success Coach, I work with soul centered women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to unleash their God given power within to create their Ultimate reality.


I work with women who know they were created for more, are ready to break through their glass ceiling, and take on the next level in their life and business through connecting with soul, and taking aligned action.


I see you! You're ready for this!

Want to connect further to see how you can manifest your ultimate reality?

Shoot me an email: Lorisa@lorisaleigh.com 

I'd love to chat. 


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