I show you how to cleanse effectively with no pills, no starvation, and all Whole Foods. 

Right now you’re exhausted, you can barely stay awake while driving, you’re crabby, and you notice that your patience has started to wear thin. You reach for your caffeine fix to give you a jolt of energy and it works for a little, just enough to get you by. Your cravings for salt and sugar come at the most inopportune times, and once you get that fix you feel oh so satisfied, only to feel the guilt of it later. You love yourself but aren't necessarily in love with the way your clothes fit your body, and often make attempts to trade old habits for new ones. But due to life, something always gets in the way.


Your body is sending you signals loud and clear.... You need to reset your internal thermostat. 


Love the way you look & feel. Have enough energy to build your empire, take care of the home front, and hang with the girls.


No need for that shoot ‘em up dose of caffeine, the way you feel no amount of caffeine could even come close. Your cravings have no control over you. Feel & look great in the skin you’re in. Go into that store see the outfit you want and know with confidence that that baby will look awesome on your body. No need to try it on, since you've lost that excess belly fat clothes seem to fit so much better. 


This and more is totally possible for you. NO more meal replacement shakes, no more starvation...


Eating the right way allows for you to get the proper nutrition, while cleansing your body so you can have fat lose and energy gains.  


I get that time is an issue, but you will find once you start to prioritize your health, everything else will fall into place.


Its time to take yourself off the back burner.... You deserve the front, and the big One at that!


That’s why our time together is all about you, to focus on giving your body the attention and support it needs through the detox process. 


Your Private Coaching Package helps you, the successful driven women, feel amazing in your skin without sacrificing your most precious commodity... TIME.


  • Love the way you feel
  • Lose fat while getting the minerals your body's been craving.
  • Have the confidence to follow your passion and stay happy & healthy
  • No dieting involved
  • No mathematics needed for counting calories or points
  • No meal replacement shakes or bars


Just good old fashion real food, self- love, motivation, balance, and my personal commitment to you.


My body and life were totally out of balance... So to the point that I suffered from chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, acne prone skin, and always felt some type of inner turmoil that I really can't describe. My ultimate transformation came at a point where I needed change more then ever. For me this is when I was diagnosed with cancer, but for you may show up as something different in your life. I had to learn to make myself a priority and that started with putting my health and wellbeing first and buckling down to cleanse my body. 


Once I did this, my life completely changed,

  • My skin is clearer
  • My digestion is so much better
  • My energy has sky rocketed
  • And I’m cancer free!


Its time to reset your body. You're so ready.


Now, I can't promise these things for you if your work with me. I can't say that you'll lose a ton of weight or you’ll get more then enough energy to light our entire solar system. Because that’s not how life works. But what I can say is that working with me can make these things totally possible for you if you are willing to give this your all....


Well maybe not the second one... That's pretty impossible, I'm good but not that good. 


We live in a world where were constantly bombarded with chemicals from the food we eat, to the makeup we wear, to the air we breathe. It's all around us and there's no escaping it. 


And yes it's true that your body is wonderfully made to cleanse naturally, but with today's society and the constant barrage, your body is on overload. It requires assistance to expel toxins so you can shed fat and gain the energy you were meant to have. 


You can't sit around and wait to feel and look better... you must be proactive. 


As a driven women you know a thing or 2 about that!


 Success doesn't come from a reactive state of mind.


 Private Coaching is exclusively for:


  • High achieving women ready to make a commitment to themselves and work toward their wellness goals so they can shed fat and look amazing.
  • Women entrepreneurs ready to say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to thriving energy so they can create continued success in their business & life. 
  • Highly motivated women wanting to make their health a priority and create balance in their body, life, and business.


But this program wont work for:


  • Ladies who want to make excuses and those who aren’t ready to try new things to get awesome results
  • Women who are ok with their current path of health and lifestyle, who already have beaming energy and a body they love
  • Those women wanting to figure it all on their own and go at it alone, leading to wasted time, and bumps and bruises that can be avoided.


I’m so happy I had a chance to work with Lorisa! As a busy mom and professional, I’m so glad it’s not one size fits all for her. She listened & customized my meal plan, which really helped me a lot! She was there to motivate me and even after my program was officially over, she still checked in to see how I was doing. After just 3 calls I started seeing changes in my body and I no longer feel heavy. I am finally enjoying my journey toward a healthier me!.
— Kemi A., Lawyer


Us women are unique and require different elements to allow our body to thrive.


This is why your cleanse program is designed according to your needs. I do believe in fueling your body with nutrient dense foods throughout the cleansing process, with an emphasis on plant based nutrition. Once completed we will explore what foods you would like to add back in to your diet to maintain your state of balance and enjoyment.... cause a girl has still got to have a little chocolate. 


 You don't have to be perfect and you most definitely do not have to deprive yourself.


What you do need: is to be kind to you, be in the moment, and get ready to make strides that lead to big change.


We will work together to take you from overwhelmed frustrated and stuck to confidant, happy, and free.


It's Cleansing Time!


  • Reduce sugar cravings.
  • Have vibrant energy that doesn’t require a barter with caffeine or sugar.
  • Lose that 10-20 lbs. that has overstayed it's welcome, for good. 
  • Have radiant hair and glowing skin.
  • Ditch the belly bloat, and constipation.
  • Know quick healthy recipes, so you can feed your face and your fam like a pro with plenty of time to spare.
  • Get clear on what to eat for your body.
  • Trust and confidence in yourself so you can create real lasting change in your body & life.



“Thanks for getting me on the track to good health - I feel so much better after following the meal plan. I don’t want sweets or cheese! And wine and beer tastes terrible now. This is one of the BEST THINGS I’ve ever done FOR MYSELF!”
— Karen A., Graphic Design Consultant


How This Works:

 Your 12 week Private Coaching Packages will give you 1:1 support through the entire process.  


Fridge, Freezer, Pantry Raid (via Skype/FaceTime/in person)

Recipes, plus Top Tips to make meal planning simple quick & easy

Grocery Store Trip (via Skype/FaceTime/in person)




Cleansing the proper way is the quickest and safest way to get the results you need. 


It's Time For a Reset

Lets Chat..... Discovery sessions are free!



“I wanted to say thank you so much for your expert advice and for your genuine care in following up to see how I was getting on. Who knew something so SIMPLE could make such an IMMEDIATE and DRASTIC change to the way I FEEL and LOOK. A week later and I’m back into not only my favorite leather pencil skirt, but also a dress I haven’t been able to wear for ages!”
— Soraya S.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I do this with you instead of doing it on my own?

Well I can bet if you’re scanning this website you’ve probably been looking for solutions for a while now. And its awesome you’re taking those steps. I can also bet you’ve been trying things out already on your own, which is also great! But if what you’ve been trying hasn't been working then its time to try something different.

Seeking the help of a coach will take the stress and overwhelm out of your situation and guide you to accomplish your goals quicker then if you did it alone.

I have gone through 4 years of nursing school, worked in the health field for 8 years, taken a year long Holistic Health Coach certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and spent years researching and learning about holistic nutrition with myself being my first client. And I must say I have got great results.


Should I wait until a better time in my life?

What feelings do you have about your body, your energy, your weight? Now, do you want to be feeling this same way, the way you feel right now, this time next year? If this doesn’t strike a cord with you, then yes maybe now is not the time for you. But if you answered yes to the above question then saddle up and lets go.

There will never be the perfect time to do anything. Life doesn't stop for you when you want to focus on a specific task... it keeps going. Part of holistic health coaching helps you with learning the best ways to balance your life so you can fit time in for things that are most important to you... and one of those things should be yourself.


Will private 1:1 coaching work for me?

This form of coaching helps you drown out the noise and creates an atmosphere for clarity and success. It gives you accountability and guidance so you’re able to accomplish your health related goals much faster then you would if you did this on your own. If this is something you would prefer then YES, 1:1 coaching will work for you.....



Lorisa is amazing! I feel phenomenal because she helped me to change the way I look at eating and drinking. Now I’m planning my meals better, losing weight, feeling energized, and drinking more water without complaint. Loving life with Lorisa’s help! Thank you.
— Theresa G., Business Owner


Love for Lorisa 

“Thank you!! First time to follow any diet plan successfully. Didn’t cave.”
— Tammy W.

Wondering if we can make this thing work? I already know we can! Lets talk!

Hop on a call with me so we can discuss what’s next... this call is a freebie!



see you on the other side!

Its Cleansing Time!


“One of the first things that I told Lorisa that I wanted to do was to be able to eat normal and not have to weigh and measure everything I ate. I wanted to be like everyone else, just eat without fear. Lorisa provided me with my meal plans and allowed me to do what I desired to do without criticism. Through her coaching and encouragement, I was able to ditch the scale and felt okay with it.
Lorisa is such an easy person to talk to. I like that she listens and she does not pass judgment and everything that is said makes sense. When I got to my last session, I felt like I was losing a friend but she didn’t go anywhere. She still checks on me to see how things are going. That speaks volumes. This lady knows her stuff and she cares for you as a person. She’s very giving and understanding.
I still continue to utilize my meal plans as a part of my life. Since this time I have lost almost 10 lbs. and lots of inches. I’m back in my clothes, with most being too big. I have incorporated weight training into my weekly workouts and I’m feeling great. Lorisa came into my life at the right time with the right stuff. Lorisa is beyond great. If she did it for me, she can do it for you. “
— Rhonda G.
No inflammation skinny ankles.. Knees looking good. I always had big legs thats not going to change... However since I have been doing the whole body cleanse I have lost 15 lbs. and the inflammation is way down and I have less pain in the knees... I won’t stop now!!. I can’t put limitations on how long I should eat healthier..it should be my life style forever. Anyways, thanks to Lorisa Leigh you have been a great inspiration. May God continue to lift you up with wisdom and healing so that you can continue to inspire others.. God bless you!! — feeling determined.
— Hope P.
Thanks Lorisa Leigh!! I’ve lost so much weight from your advice!! The picture on the right was 12/31/2016. The picture on the left was 3/15/2017! I’ve lost more weight since March, but haven’t taken any photos..... 64 pounds and counting!
— Lawanda T.