Are You Stepping Into Your Diva Altar Ego?

Are You Stepping Into Your Diva Alter Ego?

Let me ask you… Are those 2 voices in your mind battling for head space?

On one hand you hear the voice of…..
I’m not good enough.
I’m stupid.
I’ll never get this right.
I don’t make enough money.
I never have enough.
No man will really love me.
I’m too fat.
I’m too skinny.
I’m too ugly.
I always get this wrong.
Why did I even think I could?
I’ll never get my dream job.
I can’t.
I never….
I’ll try.

While on the other hand you hear...
Yessssss Queen Yessssss!
Get it!
I’m da bomb!
I am beautiful!
I’m awesome!
I can do this!
I look great in these clothes!
I love my job!
I love my body!
I love my life!
I love my spouse!
I love that I can afford anything I want!
I can do anything!
I am powerful!
I crush it every single time!
I’m the best!
I push past fear and go after what I want!

It seems that we as women live too often from the voice of the first of I’m not good enough oppose to stepping into that power that a diva actually knows she has.

Your Diva alter ego is a mentality that you choose to step into… you choose everyday which voice you want to listen to and act from.

A diva knows the fear will come, the doubts will surface, and it will get challenging, but she digs deep and pushes through. She chooses to crush it every single time!

She has control of her destiny, her health, her body, and ultimately her life… She never gives up her power. She understands there is work to be done and puts in work to get what she desires.

You choose what you want your health to be.
You choose what you want your body to look like.
You choose the energy vibration you want to live at.

A diva does what she says, commits to the game and values self worth, confidence, and integrity.

She’s comfortable with being authentically her in all situations and hides her true self from no one. She act’s in alignment with who she is and always stands on integrity.

So I’ll ask you again… are you stepping into your Diva Alter Ego?

Or do you need to bring her out a whole lot more?!

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