5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods that Decrease Joint Pain & Shed Belly Fat

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Working in the healthcare field I see A LOT of people coming in with lifestyle diseases such as cancers, diabetes, heart disease, chronic joint pain, infections, autoimmune diseases… you name it.


But what the conventional healthcare system doesn’t stress enough is the importance of shifting our diet in a way to reverse illness & disease.


But the crazy thing is people would rather take a pill to help diminish the symptoms of their illness instead of fully reversing it through diet and lifestyle changes.. People would gladly take the pill instead.


Many prescription drugs put you at risk for cancer, for creating toxicity in the body, that leads to inflammation, internal bleeding, even suicidal thoughts.. Whaaaa???


You can reverse Type II diabetes and not have it anymore, you can actually prevent cancer from forming 70%- 90% of the time with your lifestyle, you don’t have to be overweight, and you don’t have to have heart disease.


And many people will say, well you know this runs in my family so I’m more pre-disposed to having high blood pressure. But It’s not necessarily the genes that run in your family that cause illness, it’s the behaviors that run in your family that cause the actual illness. And the great thing is… behaviors can be changed…. Genes aren’t final!


 Now lets hop into this inflammation thaaaannng!


Inflammation is the pre cursor to the majority of illness.


Those included but not limited to:



Joint pain

Auto-immune disease

Belly Fat

Heart Disease

Gut disorders



Even poor mental health



The food we eat, our stress levels, lack of sleep, and having a sedentary lifestyle all lead to excess inflammation in the body along with toxicity.


So what are some of those food that can help you combat low level inflammation in your body?



1. Almonds

Great in handfuls or as almond butter


2. Celery

Celery juice is all the rage right now because of it’s immune boosting properties and of course it’s ability to calm inflammation.


Looking for a good celery juice recipe? Go HERE!



3. Blueberries

Actually all berries are great in this case because they are overflowing with antioxidants which help to neutralize acid in the body and thus decrease inflammation.


4. Carrots

Carrots are booming with beta-carotene and antioxidants that are awesome for those achy joints


5. Healthy fats

Omega 3’s are always good… but this is stating the obvious.  Try eating more avocados… and yes guacamole does count. Along with olive oil!



This was the quick and dirty run down… but be sure to watch the video to get the whole shebang!