3 Benefits of Using Moringa

Are you eating this awesome superfood?!

Whaaaaa...... you're not?!

Well let me tell you why you should. 

Constipated Much?!
1. Improves your digestion... so many women suffer from being completely backed up... and I used to be one of them. This thang has more fiber then Kale!!!! 

Dragging Your Butt Through the Door at Night after Work?
2. Boost your mood and energy levels. Moringa increases your feel good hormone serotonin which will have you feeling fantastical all day long. What I find is that women complain so much about being busy but don't realize they feel this way because they have no energy. When you shift your focus from the time you have to fueling your energy levels... you often find that even though more time may not appear you are able to get more done with the time you have. Score! 

Wondering Where to Get More Protein as a Plant Based Eater?
3. Boom! Can I just say... plant based diets are all the rage these diets, I've been on this path for over 4 years though (just saying), and getting more and more of your protein from plant based sources is not hard to do. For every 100 grams of moringa you get 9.4 grams of protein. Can we say YAAASSSSSSS! 

These are just a few of the reasons to start spiking your daily cup of tea or smoothie with this glorious green stuff!