Are You Confused With What to Get at the Grocery Store?

You really want to get on track and you find yourself buying those products that are marketed as being healthy, you may even be buying some of those things that say they’re organic or even gluten free. But you’re still not seeing results in the way that your body is feeling or looking and your energy levels are still in the dumps. To sum it up you’re just not getting to the point to where you want to be.

Well let me make this a little easier for you because I know that what foods to buy can really be a confusing topic for people. And food is the main factor that will help you reach that healthy rocking bod of yours!

One of the biggest rules of thumb about shopping is to make sure you shop on the perimeter of your grocery store. The foods on the perimeter are going to be the ones that help you get to your weight loss and energy goal as well as get you results you’re looking for with blood pressure or diabetes control. Produce, eggs, meat, fish, and yogurt (be sure to get the nut based yogurts) are all foods you’ll find there. All in all most of your whole foods will be found on the perimeter of your store.

You’ll notice when you shop in the aisles of the grocery store this is where you’ll find most of your processed foods. A lot of the boxed stuff you’ll find here are breakfast cereals, chips, cookies, pastries, the candies, the gluten free products (that some times may be marketed as healthy, but may not really be healthy at all).

When shopping the aisles you want to make sure you’re looking at those ingredient labels so you’re aware of what’s actually in your food.  One of those ingredients you need to be conscious of is sugar. On average Americans are getting in 150 pounds of sugar per year when 200 years ago we were only getting in about 2 pounds a year. The recommend daily safe limit for women is 25g which is about 6 teaspoons a day… be aware because sometimes the foods that we’re eating have the daily limit in just one serving. And many times we’re eating more then just one serving. With foods that are the bases of your diet look for ones with sugar per serving as low as possible.

I know heading to the store and seeing so many different labels can become overwhelming…. But for now this is a great place to start!

Lorisa Green