What's the Difference Between Vegan & Plant Based?

Vegan simply means you get all your nutrients from plant sources… all of them! So no animal protein, no derivative of anything from an animal ever. No milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no chicken, pork, or fish, NOTHING… if its’ made form an animal or it comes from an animal it’s a no go. This often times leaves people wondering,  well then where do they get their protein from … they get it from nuts, grains, or beans. Lots of beans are very high in protein especially lentils and split peas….. a ton of protein is in those things! Also a lot of veggies have a lot of protein in them as well.  Remember when Popeye would eat spinach and his muscle would appear… It’s exactly like that… this ultimately proves that there is enough protein in veggies! LOL… j/k, but seriously though… if you’re eating a well rounded diet from plant sources, protein will not be an issue.

Plant based then means you’re getting the majority of your nutrients from plaint based sources… so that means most of your diet is similar to vegan however you still do include animal based protein in your diet. So that could be fish, beef, milk, ect. Those who are plant based usually don’t eat animal protein everyday.  A diet such as this has been linked to better health, energy, and weight loss.

So which one is better? Great question!

It honestly depends on you and what will work for your lifestyle at this current time.

The biggest goal of all is getting away from processed food products and stop using them as the bases of your diet like so many people do. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet is going to be key with hitting any type of health goals. Whether you do that through vegan or plant based is up to you… but if you ask me I’m team plant based!

Now you do need to be conscious when you do make the transition that you’re not becoming a junk food vegetarian or junk food plant based eater. This defeats the whole purpose. Those who limit animal protein and continue high amounts of pasta, bread, and processed foods are defeating the purpose. Always be sure to up those fruits and veggies my friends J


Photo Credit: Daily Express: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/top10facts/454306/Top-10-facts-about-Popeye

Lorisa Green