6 years ago I can remember feeling so tired and sluggish ALL the time!

I specially remember getting out of bed sleepily in the morning around 8 or 9 on my days off and waking feeling like I hadn’t even slept.

You know that feeling when it’s like… awe man it’s time to wake up already… WTH!

As I opened my bedroom door and headed to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth all I would be thinking is I need more energy!
So I would hop in my black Jeep Cherokee, head out of my apartment complex down the winding road to Starbucks that was just a 5 minute drive, if that.
Then I’d proceed to pull into the drive thru and order my favorite thing on the menu which was the Caramel Macchiato.
Now depending on the season I would either get the iced one or the hot one… either way that was my usual and extra caramel, whipped cream and sugar was my jam.
This was my routine for months, in order for me to get my energy going for the day...but honestly it only kept me energized for like an hour or 2 before I’d feel the slump and then reach for something else to get my energy going like sugar, sweets, or some carbs and that would last a bit then…up here it comes a gain… You get the point.
It would always be these high’s and lows of energy that caused me to reach for something sweet or carby… at the time I didn’t really know it had anything to do with my unstable energy as to why I was always addicted to sugar and carbs.
Can you relate?
Feeling low energy, sluggishness, and irritable… I mean don’t let someone even look at you the wrong way or else!
At least until you’ve had your fix of coffee, sugar, carbs, or caffeine.
When I look back on that time in my life… it really prevented me from truly enjoying the most out of the moments I shared with friends or family because I was always so tired.
It also prevented me from truly giving the energy I needed to things I wanted to do outside of work… like learn how to play guitar, work on my YouTube channel I had back then on natural hair lol, or honestly just enjoy life outside of work.
I wasn’t really living and part of that had to do with the lack of energy I had.

Along with lack of energy… I also struggled with bloating, constipation and acne which required me to need 3 mediations to control it.

Then the huge turning point came for me in April 2014 at the age of 27 I was diagnosed with a rear cancerous tumor growing in my left knew that left me shelled shocked.

As I dove into research what the heck was going on with my body… the constant low energy, adult acne, and now cancer I fell down a rabbit whole of nutrition and lifestyle information that I was NEVER TAUGHT in nursing school (oh yea to date I’ve been an RN For 10 years working in critical care and we still never talk about proper nutrition). I’m a graduate of the Institute of Integrative nutrition, where I received my certification as Holistic Health Coach.
So what did I do that helped me gain more energy to power through my day, calm by adult acne to get clearer skin, build my immune system so that cancer couldn’t stand a chance in my body, and start living my life again?
I detoxed and went on a full on plant-based diet.

With in weeks I started to feel energy that sugar couldn’t compare to, my skin started clearing up, I felt confidant about taking my health into my own hands, and finally now could live my life to the fullest and do things I wanted, not having all my energy consumed by my job.

I was completely living again and felt good in my body doing so!

Since then it has been my mission to help women all over the world build healthier bodies, lose weight, gain energy, get a flatter belly, and feel confidant in their skin.

This is done through detoxification, plant based nutrition (by the way this doesn’t mean you have to give up meat.. but more so transition to getting most of your nutrients from plant based sources), building heathy lifestyle habits, and infusing soul/spiritual health in the mix.

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