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Hello Lorisa! All is well. The food is delicious and filling. Waking up feeling rested.

As of this morning, I have released 8.4 lbs! 5, 6, 7, 8!

Started last Monday at 152.4. This Monday morning 149 and weighed in at 144 this morning!👊
— Kim W.

New Year New You!


You're so over that saying, huh… but let’s get it straight. 


  • You’re Having Low Energy 

  • A hard time losing stubborn fat

  • And dealing with some serous cravings you just can’t get control of


You don’t need to go into another summer not seeing the results you so desperately want in your body.


It's time to ditch the cravings, sluggishness and belly fat.


And step into The Summer Season The Transformed You!


The Whole Food Total Body Cleanse has got you covered.


“My husband and I started our Whole Food Total Body Cleanse July 31st. We are starting our 4th week and are feeling very excited about our lifestyle change. My husband will be celebrating his 70th birthday this month and had open heart surgery 2 years ago. He had begun putting on weight which was affecting his energy level. I am proud to say that we both have increased energy and lost weight. My husband has lost 10 lbs so far and I have lost 8.

More important to us than the weight loss is the decision we have made to change our eating habits and planning our meals better to include plant based foods.

Thank you for being a very positive and energetic influence in our lives during this awesome time in our lives.”
— Yvonne S.

Limited Time Offer Investment $67.00

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“Lorisa! This 28 day detox was absolutely amazing! I have done several variations of dietary changes but none have been as effective and impacting as this. Let me see: 10 day smoothie, 21 days no sugar, meal replacement drinks and the like. But this right here was a change that taught me. It taught me about myself and to listen to and question the responses of my body. I speak to my body and tell it what to do and not the other way around.

The food was delicious and abundant. I am a foodie and sometimes I was like “that’s ok, I’m full”. The plant based diet showed me how effectively natural fruits and vegetables cleansed my body. It was not in a pill or powder. Not in training myself silly, though I am a gym rat. But this has proven that you can’t out train a bad diet. My diet wasn’t bad to begin with, but it did not include the right combinations of food to “move me”. Now everything is coming out just fine! My thoughts are clearer for more than one reason.

I lost 13.6 lbs, total and in the last week I had no desire to abandon the meal plan. It was that good!

I have recommended this program to several people and I will keep this in my quiver for the restarts my body may need. This was absolutely a blessing from God. Thanks Lorisa Leigh! 😘”
— Kim W.


The Whole Food Total Body Cleanse Program is designed to give you everything you need to succeed in a detox, while getting you the results you want.


  • Feel better then you’ve ever felt

  • Get through an entire day without the crutch of caffeine and sugar

  • Finally lose that 5 lbs.

  • Say goodbye to the belly bloat

  • And hey girl to clear glowing skin.

No more inflammation!!! Since I have been doing the whole body cleanse I have lost 15 lbs. and have less pain in my knees! I won’t stop now!!. I can’t put limitations on how long I should eat healthier it should be my lifestyle forever!
— Hope. P

You take steps to ease you into the process as well as out so you DON'T feel  STARVED OR DEPRIVED.


This week we introduce foods that aren’t totally foreign to you and look similar to the food you’re eating now, just a healthier version. This makes it easy and simple for you to start and get on track. 



These foods will allow for your body to truly cleanse and expel toxins so you can start to feel more energized and shed fat. All these foods can be found at your local market.



During this period you transition to foods that will help you maintain your new found energy and physique without you feeling deprived of the foods you love.



Cleansing is NOT just about the physical but mental as well. That’s why you will have quick but effective exercises each day to help to renew your mind and spirit in the process.

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What's Included

  • How to set up your kitchen for success and to make the process easier 
  • Healthy snack list so you know what snacks are great for health 
  • Mental exercises that make sticking with the process fun and easy so you get results 
  • 14-day meal plan complete with shopping list, delicious recipes, and prepping instructions
  • How to transition out of a cleanse so you maintain your results 
  • Sugar free dessert recipes to calm your sweet tooth
  • Detox tea recipes to boost energy and results 
  • A schedule for the week so you know exactly what to do throughout the entire process.
Lost 10 pounds on the Whole Food Total Body Cleanse . This was the first detox program that I was able to follow and didn’t feel like I was depriving myself . She has created a common sense approach to ease into changing your eating habits . It was organized and simple. My eating habits were out of control . I drank coffee for energy and felt sluggish , bloated and fatigued . I am thankful for Lorisa’s common sense approach to eating real food. You Don’t need supplements or special diet pills . I believe that real food is medicine . Now I have more energy , my skin glows, and I have less joint pain! Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge . You’re truly a blessing !”
— Tammy


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