You Don't Need Another Green Smoothie Recipe

I'm the Nutrition and Detox Guru and frankly I couldn't tell you the exact nutritional profile of a kale leaf to save my life... But to be honest that doesn't matter!

I don't need to know that in order to help you form habits to eat and live better so you can finally lose the weight, gain more energy, and lose those cravings.

And guess what?! You don't need to know it either! 

We get caught up in the false assumption that more information is better and helps us make better decisions... In fact it's been proven that more information just confuses us more and causes us to become stuck.

You don't need another blog post telling you how great it is to drink green smoothies or to eat more fruit.... You know this all ready and you certainly don't need to know that a serving of strawberries has more vitamin C then an orange.

Is that information going to seriously help you with making a decision to eat more of them? 

Probably not. 

What you need is someone that can look at your habits, thoughts, and feelings around food and push you to make better chooses by creating new habits, thoughts, and feelings that allows you to effortless shed fat, gain energy, and ditch cravings. 

This is the role of a Nutrition & Detox coach.

No more confusion, No more frustration, No more guilt.

Just pure enjoyment of food and a life in a body you love!