Is This Your Energy Suck?

Have you been feeling a little lackluster lately even though you are trying to do everything right in order to NOT feel that way?

It could be the subconscious mind working against you.

In this episode, We walk through considering a few simple negative influences that we are all at the mercy of on a daily basis that may be contributing to a low-energy issue!



Eating Plant Based But Still Fell Sucky

Have you switched over to a plant-based diet but still feeling less than your best? - There may be something you’re doing wrong.

When switching to plant-based you need to be sure you’re incorporating those nutrient-dense whole foods opposed to the prepackaged processed BS.
You don’t’ want to become a junk food vegan or plant-based eater as this will totally defeat the purpose!
Tune in to this episode to get the low down on nutritional advice for what you need to do to feel your best while transitioning or trying to maintain a plant-based way of life.


She Lost 100 Pounds Twice: Hear How She Did It

Check out this episode to see how Tracie Roberts lost 100 pounds, twice, and how she did it, while also battling undiagnosed bipolar disorder and the resulting depression that worked against her until she took full control and surprised even herself with what she went on to achieve! 

Tracie explains her personal journey about how she met her weight loss goals, but most importantly learned how to achieve a healthier mindset that allowed her to keep the weight off second time around and far exceed her expectations. 

She has since written a book about bipolar disorder from the child's perspective dealing with a mother coping with the disorder with another one on the way, and  you can find out all about this and more on her official website at HERE

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How Your Stress Is Causing Belly Fat, Exhaustion And What to Do About It!

Having a tough time shedding belly fat or feeling super tired throughout your day?

Then this is a must listen to episode.

Kim Raine and I discuss what you’re doing wrong when it comes to stress and it may not be what you think. She also gives the strategies on how to manage so you can finally see waist shrinkage success and more energy once and for all!

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How To Not Eat All Carbs When Going Plant Based 3 Tips

You’ve tried it before.

I know you have!

You've tried incorporating more fruits and veggies and cutting out meat only to find that you fill the void with a whole bunch of pasta, bread, and rice. And you know that’s totally defeating the purpose.

Incorporating more simple carbs will only take you away from your weight loss goal and leave you feeling sluggish afterward, and who wants that?

No one! Duh!

So listen to this episode to get my 3 easy tips on how to not eat carbs when going plant-based.

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5 Simple Life Hacks to Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Ease

Ever blown it for lunch and said you'll start over again the next day? But the next day doesn't come.

Tired of eating celery out of a ziplock bag?

Can't meal prep to save your life?

Mom of 3, all under 8 and Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant Ali Hively, schools us on 5 hacks to simplify your healthy lifestyle so you can finally stay consistent once and for all!

This women had me cracking up and shared great hacks that I could relate to so much.

I know they'll help you as well!

Be sure to tune in to this episode of the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Podcast here or on iTunes.

New episodes come out every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!

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Lemons Great for Detoxing and Energy!

We can find chemicals in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the lotions we use, and the air we breathe. Even the couch you're sitting on right now has chemicals in it that can disrupt the way you process food and dictate how you feel.

This is why it’s important to get in those high detoxifying foods so that the harmful chemicals aren’t damaging your DNA and causing illness.

Lemons are just one of these foods and in this episode, you will learn how lemons are so detoxifying along with the ways to start incorporating them into your diet!

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Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Situation? Here’s What To Do To Break Free

Are you feeling stuck in life? If so, do not miss this episode!

So many of my clients come to me frustrated, stuck, and trapped in a body they don't feel comfortable in. 

Once we start working together and start putting strategies in play to start feeling energized, shifting mindset, and having waist shrinkage success ... confidence starts coming back and my ladies are feeling free and fierce.

Listen in and join The Diva Lifestyle Tribe , to get unstuck and design a life and body you're in love with!


Cultivating Your Purpose

Mamas, Wives, Girlfriends...

Have you been the woman to lose yourself in your children or your relationship only to come out the other side not knowing who you are, what you like, or what direction you should be headed in next?

Get YO Life and Develop Your Purpose!

In this episode of the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Podcast Natacha Parris, a Family & Marriage Life Coach gives us the big scoop on how to find and develop your purpose so that you're not out here in the World, lost, wondering around for years with no sense of fulfillment or direction.

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Are You Stepping Into Your Diva Altar Ego?

Are You Stepping Into Your Diva Alter Ego?

Let me ask you… Are those 2 voices in your mind battling for head space?

On one hand you hear the voice of…..
I’m not good enough.
I’m stupid.
I’ll never get this right.
I don’t make enough money.
I never have enough.
No man will really love me.
I’m too fat.
I’m too skinny.
I’m too ugly.
I always get this wrong.
Why did I even think I could?
I’ll never get my dream job.
I can’t.
I never….
I’ll try.

While on the other hand you hear...
Yessssss Queen Yessssss!
Get it!
I’m da bomb!
I am beautiful!
I’m awesome!
I can do this!
I look great in these clothes!
I love my job!
I love my body!
I love my life!
I love my spouse!
I love that I can afford anything I want!
I can do anything!
I am powerful!
I crush it every single time!
I’m the best!
I push past fear and go after what I want!

It seems that we as women live too often from the voice of the first of I’m not good enough oppose to stepping into that power that a diva actually knows she has.

Your Diva alter ego is a mentality that you choose to step into… you choose everyday which voice you want to listen to and act from.

A diva knows the fear will come, the doubts will surface, and it will get challenging, but she digs deep and pushes through. She chooses to crush it every single time!

She has control of her destiny, her health, her body, and ultimately her life… She never gives up her power. She understands there is work to be done and puts in work to get what she desires.

You choose what you want your health to be.
You choose what you want your body to look like.
You choose the energy vibration you want to live at.

A diva does what she says, commits to the game and values self worth, confidence, and integrity.

She’s comfortable with being authentically her in all situations and hides her true self from no one. She act’s in alignment with who she is and always stands on integrity.

So I’ll ask you again… are you stepping into your Diva Alter Ego?

Or do you need to bring her out a whole lot more?!

The Diva Lifestyle Tribe
Lose Fat, Feel Sexy, Look Fierce & Be Around a Tribe of Women That Get You

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Is Weight Loss Really Your Goal?

Is this episode, I discuss the goals you need to have in order to create sustainable weight loss. Often times we can get obsessed with the number on the scale and when it doesn't move it can become super discouraging.

The thing about the scale though is that it doesn't tell the whole story.

Listen in on this episode to see what does matter and how to finally shift your focus off the weight loss obsession, and onto what you really want to be achieving at that deeper level

You can stay up on new episodes that come out every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday over on iTunes at the Hot Mess to Ultimate Success Podcast

After listening to this episode does it make you want to step into your Diva Alter Ego?

Then you for sure need to check out The Diva Lifestyle Tribe... helping you lose fat, gain energy, and feel fierce! 


How to Eat to Get Rid of Eczema & Acne and Get Clear Glowing Skin

If you suffer from eczema or acnes then this is essential listening!

In this episode, you'll learn what to eat for natural, glowing skin. Rebecca Bonneteau, a Naturopathic Doctor, has gone through her own struggles with eczema to virtually being able to clear it up using purely natural holistic ways to treat the skin through applying the right nutrition, and topical creams. She is now sharing her ultimate lessons with us!

Rebecca Bonneteau’s focus is helping individuals and families living with eczema.

Rebecca qualified as a Nutritionist and Naturopath to help herself, and now she wants to help others!

Be sure to check out @rebeccabonneteau.naturopath or as well as contacting for more information about how she can help you personally reach your health goals and aid your recovery.

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What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Let's dive into the higher level of thinking that is required to get you closer to the goals you want to achieve in life.

The way of thinking and being that got you to this point in your life served you to get where you are now.

However, when you are leveling up and striving for more than where you are, you often must shed some old ways of thinking in order to adopt new ways of being in order to get you where you deserve to be!

You must think and act as the person you are becoming or else success will never be sustained.

Check out this episode below if you're ready to see consistency in accomplishing your goals!