Mind Body Detox

Many women go through a cleanse or detox and notice they get great results while on the program, but then afterward seem to get off-track, and fall back into old habits, gaining weight back and again feeling they have no energy. So, it's important to understand that when doing a detox you need to treat this as the transition into a new mindset and way of eating to achieve the desired, sustainable results in your weight loss and health.

Making sure you feed yourself mentally is very important during this process in order to complete a detox successfully and finally see weight loss, energy, and better health, for good. 

In this podcast I go into how you can make these changes so they will last a lifetime.

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Did You Skip Breakfast Today?

You wouldn't plan a long journey without putting fuel in your car, would you?

When trying to lose weight there are ways to achieve results in a healthy long-term way,

or in a short-term way that is unhealthy and ineffective in the long run.

Deep down, we all know we're supposed to eat breakfast, but do you really understand

what you do to your energy levels and body weight if you don't?

Don't jack up your metabolism by not eating breakfast! Or drain our energy levels! 

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Constipation, Bloating, & Parasites Oh My!

Hey Lady!

I had the honor of interviewing Anna Marsh, a Nutritional Therapist, a few weeks ago for the podcast Hot Mess to Ultimate Success. 

Just Launched Yesterday! WhoooHooo! 

We dove deep into gut health, and why it's crucial for your energy, weight loss, and overall wellbeing. 

From how an unhealthy gut can lead to autoimmune disease, weight gain, mental illness, and even allergies. To also discussing the controversial issue around gut parasites and worms, and how she tests for them within her own clients!

Yikes... who new they were as common as they are! 

If you notice that your gut hasn't been working it's best be sure to check out this interview so you know what exactly you need to do to get that poop shoot following! 



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Moringa! Are You Using This Superfood?

Are you eating this awesome superfood?!

Whaaaaa...... you're not?!

Well let me tell you why you should. 

Constipated Much?!
1. Improves your digestion... so many women suffer from being completely backed up... and I used to be one of them. This thang has more fiber then Kale!!!! 

Dragging Your Butt Through the Door at Night after Work?
2. Boost your mood and energy levels. Moringa increases your feel good hormone serotonin which will have you feeling fantastical all day long. What I find is that women complain so much about being busy but don't realize they feel this way because they have no energy. When you shift your focus from the time you have to fueling your energy levels... you often find that even though more time may not appear you are able to get more done with the time you have. Score! 

Wondering Where to Get More Protein as a Plant Based Eater?
3. Boom! Can I just say... plant based diets are all the rage these diets, I've been on this path for over 4 years though (just saying), and getting more and more of your protein from plant based sources is not hard to do. For every 100 grams of moringa you get 9.4 grams of protein. Can we say YAAASSSSSSS! 

These are just a few of the reasons to start spiking your daily cup of tea or smoothie with this glorious green stuff!


Will Bananas Make You Gain Weight?

I know a lot of us have herd this before, bananas are high in sugar and they lead to weight gain.


Now it’s true bananas are higher on the sugary side compared to some other fruits you could choose like strawberries or blueberries… but does it really lead you to grow wider in your waist line?




Total myth!


It’s not one thing in your diet that’s causing you to gain weight over all. It’s everything you’re eating combined. So if you have the choice between a 100 calorie snack and a banana… choose the banana every time!


Calories are not created equal and the calories found in bananas come along with disease fighting antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients that will help boost metabolism oppose to that nutrientless  low cal. snack food. It’s processed and your body has no idea what to do with that! This type of snack will end up slowing your metabolism and confusing your bodies’ hormonal messengers that keep you lean and healthy.


Bananas are a great way to calm your sweet tooth instead of reaching for that snickers bar. Also they’re a great energizing snack… so when you hit that 2pm slump, count on that banana to give you a natural boost.


So don’t believe the hype… bananas can actually help you lose weight instead of gain!


Are You Confused With What to Get at the Grocery Store?

You really want to get on track and you find yourself buying those products that are marketed as being healthy, you may even be buying some of those things that say they’re organic or even gluten free. But you’re still not seeing results in the way that your body is feeling or looking and your energy levels are still in the dumps. To sum it up you’re just not getting to the point to where you want to be.

Well let me make this a little easier for you because I know that what foods to buy can really be a confusing topic for people. And food is the main factor that will help you reach that healthy rocking bod of yours!

One of the biggest rules of thumb about shopping is to make sure you shop on the perimeter of your grocery store. The foods on the perimeter are going to be the ones that help you get to your weight loss and energy goal as well as get you results you’re looking for with blood pressure or diabetes control. Produce, eggs, meat, fish, and yogurt (be sure to get the nut based yogurts) are all foods you’ll find there. All in all most of your whole foods will be found on the perimeter of your store.

You’ll notice when you shop in the aisles of the grocery store this is where you’ll find most of your processed foods. A lot of the boxed stuff you’ll find here are breakfast cereals, chips, cookies, pastries, the candies, the gluten free products (that some times may be marketed as healthy, but may not really be healthy at all).

When shopping the aisles you want to make sure you’re looking at those ingredient labels so you’re aware of what’s actually in your food.  One of those ingredients you need to be conscious of is sugar. On average Americans are getting in 150 pounds of sugar per year when 200 years ago we were only getting in about 2 pounds a year. The recommend daily safe limit for women is 25g which is about 6 teaspoons a day… be aware because sometimes the foods that we’re eating have the daily limit in just one serving. And many times we’re eating more then just one serving. With foods that are the bases of your diet look for ones with sugar per serving as low as possible.

I know heading to the store and seeing so many different labels can become overwhelming…. But for now this is a great place to start!


What's the Difference Between Vegan & Plant Based?

Vegan simply means you get all your nutrients from plant sources… all of them! So no animal protein, no derivative of anything from an animal ever. No milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no chicken, pork, or fish, NOTHING… if its’ made form an animal or it comes from an animal it’s a no go. This often times leaves people wondering,  well then where do they get their protein from … they get it from nuts, grains, or beans. Lots of beans are very high in protein especially lentils and split peas….. a ton of protein is in those things! Also a lot of veggies have a lot of protein in them as well.  Remember when Popeye would eat spinach and his muscle would appear… It’s exactly like that… this ultimately proves that there is enough protein in veggies! LOL… j/k, but seriously though… if you’re eating a well rounded diet from plant sources, protein will not be an issue.

Plant based then means you’re getting the majority of your nutrients from plaint based sources… so that means most of your diet is similar to vegan however you still do include animal based protein in your diet. So that could be fish, beef, milk, ect. Those who are plant based usually don’t eat animal protein everyday.  A diet such as this has been linked to better health, energy, and weight loss.

So which one is better? Great question!

It honestly depends on you and what will work for your lifestyle at this current time.

The biggest goal of all is getting away from processed food products and stop using them as the bases of your diet like so many people do. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet is going to be key with hitting any type of health goals. Whether you do that through vegan or plant based is up to you… but if you ask me I’m team plant based!

Now you do need to be conscious when you do make the transition that you’re not becoming a junk food vegetarian or junk food plant based eater. This defeats the whole purpose. Those who limit animal protein and continue high amounts of pasta, bread, and processed foods are defeating the purpose. Always be sure to up those fruits and veggies my friends J


Photo Credit: Daily Express: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/top10facts/454306/Top-10-facts-about-Popeye

Boost Your Metabolism in the Next Hour!

Are you a women who’s noticed over the past years, or so, that your metabolism has gone down the drain? Unfortunately when you hit 30, 40, 50 it just ain’t working like it used to and you find yourself gaining weight especially in the belly area

Which leads you to ask the question… what the heck happened??? It just doesn’t seem like this weight is wanting to move. What’s the deal metabolism?!

When we get up in age hormones are different, our body structure isn’t the same, and we start to lose some muscle mass, which effects metabolism as well. But there’s defiantly a way to counteract that!

The typical American diet doesn’t do well with boosting metabolism, it’s actually doing the opposite so even if you’re a person in your 30s, 40s, 50s, ect. if you feel like your metabolism isn’t working as it should usually changing your diet will defiantly help you out… but I have one better then that. That is, simply drinking a 16 ounce glass of cold water will boost your metabolism over the next hour to 90 minutes and by a strong 30%.

So if all you have to do is drink a glass of water to boost metabolism… do it… super simple!

Now the kicker is you can’t just sip on it throughout the day you actually have to drink it within 10 to 15 minutes or so.

To get the best bennies increase your water intake by 1.5 liters a day. This will help you lose weight overall for the year. You’ll be able to burn 17,400 calories a year when done consistently … this equals 5 pounds total for the year.

Now I know in the grand scheme of things 5 pounds a year may not seem like a lot, but let me put it into perspective for you… Now around the ages of 25 to 44 for the average person who weighs about 160 lbs. on average will gain about 5 to 8 pounds a year. This is how we slowly pick of the weight gain over the years and then we wake up and we’re 35 or 40 and we’re like where did this all come from?! It just slowly gradually comes on… so if you’re gaining about 5 to 8 pounds a year on average… then 5 pounds just from dirking a glass of water and upping your water intake by 1.5 liters a day is a lot!



Why You Should Be Eating Quinoa

Quinoa has become very popular in the last few years, but are you cooking it in your home?

Cause you should, especially if you’re trying to go more plant based. People always ask me where the heck do you get your protein from? And there are lots of plant-based sources that have protein and quinoa is one of them!

Quinoa is great for protein because unlike a lot of other plant based sources it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids, which are just small molecules that are proteins that create bigger proteins in our body. These 9 essential amino acids are essential because our body can’t make them on its own so it has to pull them from our diet… and quinoa is a great place to get that!

Quinoa is also known to have blood sugar control. Blood sugar we know spikes or drops depending on if we’ve just eaten and what we’ve just eaten. Blood sugar also controls when we are hungry. When we’re having these highs and lows of uncontrollable blood sugar it leads us to have uncontrollable hunger, which leads us to have these uncontrollable cravings.So when eating quinoa it helps balance blood sugar which in turn helps you balance your hunger and cravings.

Also, studies have shown that quinoa is counter active to fructose in the diet, so if you’re having fructose in your diet… we’ve all herd of high fructose corn syrup, right… quinoa can counteract the bad effects of that.

Some of the bad effects are weight gain, heart disease, irritability, sluggishness. Now that’s not an excuse to get in more fructose and use quinoa as a crutch but it is something to think about.

Also 3, why quinoa is so awesomely amazing is it contains antioxidants. We know that this is great in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but also antioxidants are just as important and something that isn’t seen on a nutritional label. But antioxidants are great because they protect our cells from cellular damage and protects our DNA… When DNA is damaged and our cells are damaged that’s when cancer comes into play because cells are unable to preform their job effectively and we all know we want to stay away from cancer as much as possible.

Antioxidants also help keep your skin looking clear, you looking younger, and you having more energy.

So if you don’t have some quinoa definitely get you some!



Don't Let Vacation Get You Off Track!

First you need to get a hold of your mindset and understand this is a way of life… so incorporating it everywhere you go is key. This makes it easier!

Now lets get to this list!

One, if you’re staying in a hotel or a place that doesn’t have a kitchen try hitting up a buffet. Buffets usually have a veggie omelet option or a nice array of fruits and oatmeal. So when on vacation make sure you’re getting your healthiest foods in for breakfast and lunch. Start off early real strong so later on in the evening you don’t have to worry about it. Enjoy for dinner!

If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen…buy food so you can cook it your self …so cook up your breakfast and lunch and then go out for dinner.

Many of times on vacation you aren’t really sitting around … you’re out and about ... you may not want to carry a bunch of things with you so even though you may not have a water jug with you,  you still need to make sure you’re hydrated. So focus on getting in water early as soon as you wake up as well as every time you sit down to eat a meal.

Many people tend to lose track on vacation because they have no idea of where to eat. But that can’t be an excuse. You have access to the web on your cell phone. Yelp it! Get the app, type in vegetarian options or vegan options… these places will have healthier options to choose from. Pick the closest one to you with the highest rating and check it out!

For long road trips pack some snacks: fruits, chips and salsa, water… all these things. So when you stop and get gas you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck eating whatever is available there.

The biggest hurdle is having a plan and knowing the layout of the land so you know your options. But this definitely shouldn’t stop you!


Best Breakfast Cereal Ever!



I know you’re going to be like; I’m tired of eating the same thing for breakfast all the time. And you don’t have to! But if you think about what you’re eating in your life right now you’re probably eating the same thing for breakfast right now any way.  The same breakfast cereals or bacon or ham or bagels.  We tend to gravitate toward the same things, but once you want to switch it over to being more healthy, people are like ah man I don’t want to eat that all the time! But you were eating the same thing all the time when you were eating unhealthier options, so what’s the difference now?


The thing we don’t realize is that our typical breakfast cereals found in super markets tend to have a lot of sugar. They’re made from processed grains that convert to sugar and even though we think we’re getting something super healthy because it says so on the package. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are. A lot of times these cereals are made with whole grains but they aren’t actually whole grains themselves…  so then our body absorbs it differently and it tends to spike our blood sugar and put on excess pounds.


Not saying you shouldn’t eat these at all, but you should gravitate toward more cereals that are legit whole grains and oatmeal is one of them… Oatmeal is awesomely amazing, because I say that everything I talk about is awesomely amazing, because it is, LOL.


Oatmeal is great because it’s absorbed slower in the digestive track so that means it helps to keep you full for longer so your eating less in the end and also prevents blood sugar from spiking so high. It’s released slowly into you blood stream so it gives you a stable form of energy so you’re not having these highs and lows of blood sugar which is what you want when you’re trying to control hunger. When you’re trying to control weight loss and when you’re trying to control cravings and energy as well.


So not only does that make it awesome but it also has some good protein in it. About 5 grams in a ½ of a cup and usually we’re eating at least 1 cup. That’s 10 grams of protein to start your day with!


Also oatmeal is a blank canvas. Now I’m not talking about the ones with cinnamon swirl, maple syrup, or the apple crunch, or whatever flavors they have that come prepackaged, I don’t mean those!


It’s important that you get plain oatmeal so you can jazz it up to the sweetness of your liking and know exactly what’s going into that bowl you’re eating. So don’t be shy add fruit, raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, and if you want more sweetness you can always add maple syrup or honey.


Doesn’t take long to make, only about 10 minutes. It’s super simple, super easy. Be sure to get creative and switch it up!  


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Why Leafy Greens are Great for Detoxification

Kale is one of my fav leafy greens but of course there’s an array of leafy greens out there, we have…




Dandelion leaf

Beet greens





Brussels sprouts


You can eat these in your juice, in your smoothies, in your salads, and in your stir-fry as well. Any way you get them in is going to be key


There are lots of pollutants in our environment; in the air we breathe, in the things we eat, in our cooking supplies, in our cleaning supplies, when we sit on our couch there are toxins in that too… so making sure we’re detoxifying daily with getting in our daily does of leafy greens is important.


So why are leafy greens excellent for detoxification?


For one they contain a ton of minerals, vitamins, and phyto-chemicals. Some of the things they boast are calcium. Leafy greens are very high in calcium and you wouldn’t think that leafy greens have a lot since we’ve been conditioned to think we need to get our calcium from dairy products like milk ect… But no! Get your daily dose from those awesome greens.


They also contain folic acid and iron, as well as vitamin K, C, and E… which when you’re going through the detoxification process you want to make sure your body can readily pull from some nice nutrient and mineral sources. When you’re going through that process there’s going to be some cellular damage occurring so if you’re body can repair itself a lot easier with having those nutrients and minerals around, you’re going to be great at getting those toxins out of you.


Third, leafy greens contain a ton of fiber. Not only does this help maintain fullness but it also helps to clean your colon. It goes through scraping the walls of it, which doesn’t really sound that great…. But it’s giving it a nice cleaning… to get toxins and waste out of your system.


Also the darker they are the more chlorophyll they have. Chlorophyll gives these veggies their green color. Chlorophyll is the oxygenating component of leafy greens.


Chlorophyll has been known to pull heavy metals and toxins out of your system … Not only that… when toxins are broken down in to safer particles to be excreted your body produces waist called free radicals. These free radicals can cause cellular damage as described earlier. Since we don’t want all this cellular damage occurring, we need to make sure our body doesn’t only have minerals and vitamins that our body can pull from but also antioxidant that help naturalize those free radicals. So chlorophyll is your double whammy


So if you’re not getting your daily does of these awesome veggies, I suggest you start now!

Sprouted Grain Bread

Sprouted Grain Bread

Are you eating it?!?!

What’s the difference between sprouted grain bread and 100% whole wheat bread?

It’s made from seeds or grains such as quinoa, spelt, durum wheat, or any other grains.

The seed is then sprouted and starts to grown … remember in elementary school when you grew lima bean sprouts in a plastic bag and watched what happened???


That’s what happens!

When you sprout that seed it is said that the little mini plant has all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients it needs to become a full fledge plant just in a smaller package.

Sprouts are actually more nutritious and energizing then the actual plant it self because you get all those goodies in a smaller package. Which means it’s more nutrient dense.

That sprout and the seed are then ground up and then the bread is made from that.

The bennies of this is now your bread has more nutrients and minerals to feed your little cells along with being lower on the glycemic index scale. Which is a win since your blood sugar won’t spike as much as with other forms of bread.

Continual spikes in blood sugar can lead to weight gain, low energy levels, insulin resistance, and problems controlling hunger.

When you start eating more sprouted grain bread… it will help with energy, weight loss and packs a powerful punch on the nutrient side.

It’s a lot denser then the bread you normally opt for and may take some getting used to, but it’s still delicious!

You can find sprouted grain breads at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, there’re a number of brands you can choose from and varieties.

Check them out!