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Look & Feel Sexier at the Start of the New Year

And Do it Without Starvation or Deprivation!

Nor Do You Have to Spend Hours in the Gym

Get Snatched, ACCENTUATE Your Curves, and Feel Amazing! 


You've been down this road before,  where you wait for the New Year to start working on your body. 

You get your gym membership and hit it hard for the first week... then 2 weeks later you get ghost, and you're no where to be found. 

Another year passes, you look up and you're still in the same spot your where 365 days ago. NO PROGRESS MADE!

So many women repeat this cycle each year to lose weight and fail miserably.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You dread going to your closet in the morning, because you feel like nothing looks good on you?
  • You don't want to buy new clothes a size up, because you want to fit into the ones you already have?
  • Are you tired of starting over at square one each New Year?
  • Have you been noticing that your confidence isn't where it used to be?
  • Have you stopped wanting to go out,  because you're self conscious about your weight?


Most Women Don't Maintain a Fit Sexy Body


But even deeper then that... they do it without support! 

Women who seek support with their weight loss will lose on Average double the amount they would lose on their own and in a faster time frame. 


This is why your 28 day meal plan will have you eating all the right foods in the right amounts so your body will shed fat efforttlessly

As well as have weekly Q&A within the group to get your personal questions answered.


The Hot Mess to Sexy Black Dress Challenge

Will lead you to the New You! Confidant, Sexy, and Free!

  • No longer starting and not finishing... this time you will see results!
  • Going to your closet and being excited that you know what you have will look great on you.
  • Fitting into clothes you already have, looking sexy and feeling confidant in them.
  • Taking your control back! 


Here's what other women have had to say about my other Programs

Overall, the Whole Food Total Body Cleanse exceeded my expectations by not only guiding me to new eating habits, but also helping me to be more aware mentally of my eating habits. I won’t lie, there were some challenging moments, but ending the program 11 pounds lighter was worth it!

Thank you Lorisa for providing a simple approach to jump starting my healthier lifestyle! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
— Benitra A.
Lorisa! This 28 day detox was absolutely amazing! I have done several variations of dietary changes but none have been as effective and impacting as this. Let me see: 10 day smoothie, 21 days no sugar, meal replacement drinks and the like. But this right here was a change that taught me. It taught me about myself and to listen to and question the responses of my body. I speak to my body and tell it what to do and not the other way around.

The food was delicious and abundant. I am a foodie and sometimes I was like “that’s ok, I’m full”. The plant based diet showed me how effectively natural fruits and vegetables cleansed my body. It was not in a pill or powder. Not in training myself silly, though I am a gym rat. But this has proven that you can’t out train a bad diet. My diet wasn’t bad to begin with, but it did not include the right combinations of food to “move me”. Now everything is coming out just fine! My thoughts are clearer for more than one reason.

I lost 13.6 lbs, total and in the last week I had no desire to abandon the meal plan. It was that good!

I have recommended this program to several people and I will keep this in my quiver for the restarts my body may need. This was absolutely a blessing from God. Thanks Lorisa Leigh! 😘
— Kim W.

No inflammation skinny ankles.. Knees looking good. I always had big legs thats not going to change... However since I have been doing the whole body cleanse I have lost 15 lbs. and the inflammation is way down and I have less pain in the knees... I won’t stop now!!
— Hope P.
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This challenge starts January 8th and runs 4 weeks long. It's uniquely designed to get you results in your weight loss as well as energy so you can ditch the fogginess & sluggishness.


Who will you be this year?

The woman who said she would, only to quit 2 weeks into the new year.


Will you be the one who committed and made this year the year where you took back control, reclaimed your body and finely feel the confidence and sexiness that comes along with it!


Here's What You'll Get When You Decide To Take Back Control 

1. Exclusive weekly trainings so you can boost your metabolism, know what types of fats, proteins, and carbs get you results, and what specific foods to buy at the grocery store so you can maintain results.

2. Weekly Q & A to get your questions answered so you can have true accountability and support. 

3. 4 week meal plan so there's no confusion and you know exaclty what options of foods to eat. 

4. Participation in weekly challenges focused on getting you the best results.


2 Ebooks to help you out with smoothies, juices, & healthier desserts.

  • 27 Juice/Smoothie Recipes 
  • 20 Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes 

Plus Be One of The First To Receive Your Best Body Reboot Checklist 

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Best Body Reboot

9 simple steps to reboot your body for energy, balance, and more confidence! 


Grand Prize

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Thug Kitchen Cookbook Collection!

28 Day Challenge Valued at $197

Starts January 8th!

Your Investment when you sign up NOW: $117

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I'm Lorsia Leigh

The Nutrition & Detox Guru and super RN! Well I just added the super (but it's true). I'll be the lucky women supporting you through this challenge. I've been in the health felid for over 9 years and love supporting women to hit their weight loss & energy goals, while building a healthy lifestyle. I'm a sucker for chocolate, love adventure, and hanging with my tripod dog Blake. Any dog mommies in the house? Any who, so excited to get this thaaaang started! Hop in! 

28 Day Challenge Valued at $197

Starts January 8th!

Your Investment when you sign up NOW: $117

Take a Peak Inside the Private Group & See Results Ladies Are Getting!

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Get Your Spot Now! 

28 Day Challenge Valued at $197

Starts January 8th!

Your Investment when you sign up NOW: $117

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Get Your Spot Now! 

28 Day Challenge Valued at $197

Starts January 8th!

Your Investment when you sign up NOW: $117