For busy driven ladies ready to shed fat, ditch cravings, and gain super charged energy now without wasting time.


This challenge is a no brainer!

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Have We Met?

I'm Lorisa Leigh, a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach for busy successful women ready to lose fat, ditch cravings, and gain more energy so they can be uber successful in their business/career but most importantly life.


I get my clients quick results by supporting them through the detox process first, and then incorporate healthier lifestyle habits for the long haul focusing on plant based nutrition. 


I was on the other side of the tracks... needing more energy, and wanting to get rid of my cravings for good and it wasn't until I went through a raw food cleanse for 3 months that I was finally able to get a handle on the lifestyle I envisioned for myself.


Once I got serious it didn't take long for me to see results. 


So thats why I love taking women through this process.


Join me and the rest of the ladies participating in this challenge so you can see results ASAP.... and get that healthy lifestyle you've been wanting.