Low Energy. Crazy Cravings. Stubborn Fat.

It's Time to Ditch That!


So you’re totally exhausted and barely making it through the day without that caffeine or sugar fix?


You’re holding on to those extra pounds that you oh so desperately want gone like yesterday?

I hear you!

It would be so great to press the reset button, to get a clean slate, to undue all the harsh stress we put on our bodies… so You can feel energized again, lose that weight, get clear skin, and ditch the belly bloat and constipation.


There’s no quick fix to creating sustainable healthy habits so you can keep the weight off and stay energized without the coffee or caffeine… But the fastest way to do this is by expelling the toxins from your body first. Then rebuild from there


The 28-Day Summer Detox is for women just like you… Who need a “do over” to get their body back to feeling energized and looking amazing, without wasting time.


  • Feel better then you’ve ever felt
  • Get through an entire day without the crutch of caffeine and sugar
  • Finally lose that 10 lbs.
  • Say goodbye to the belly bloat
  • And hey girl to clear glowing skin.


I was completely backed up, I think I dropped a load once a week if that! Suffered from adult acne and was tired ALL the time.

It wasn’t till I changed the foods that I ate, I saw a drastic change in my body and felt truly energized from within.


This Summer Detox is not your average detox… I don’t through you in and through you out.


This is not a crash and burn kind of deal.


We take steps together to ease you into the process and ease you out so that the habits you learn are sustainable after your program.


I also provide 1:1 support through the entire process so you have true accountability.



But a way to cleanse your body of toxins that are causing you to retain fat, be consistently tired, and crave for foods that have no real nutritional value.


You know you’re fed up with exhaustion, the breakouts, the belly fat… this is your chance to change all of that.


  • Have enough energy to power through the work, the kids, and time for yourself.
  • Be able to fit into that dress you couldn’t wear in years.
  • And breakup with the controlling relationship coffee has over you.


Week 1: Ease in Process

This week we introduce foods that aren’t totally foreign to you and look similar to the food you’re eating now, just a healthier version. This allows for not as much of a shock to the system.


Week 2&3: Full on Raw Food Cleanse

These foods will allow for your body to truly cleanse and expel toxins so you can start to feel more energized and shed fat


Week 4: Ease Out

During this period we transition to foods that will help you maintain your new found energy and physique without you feeling deprived of the foods you love.



Cleansing is NOT just about the physical but mental as well. That’s why you will have quick but effective exercises each day to help to renew your mind and spirit in the process.


You're Ready to be a different person 28 days from now


I want to make this process as easy as I can for you, that’s why you will have


  • 3, 30 minute calls with me: before, during, and after the detox
  • 28-day meal plan complete with shopping list, delicious recipes, and prepping instructions (if you choose to do so)
  • Private FB group with all the other women who are joining in the detox, so you’re not going at this alone.
  • Resources for what to expect during the process.
  • A schedule for the week so you know exactly what to do throughout the entire process.


I’m giving you EVERYTHING you need to be successful with this Summer 28 Day- Detox… No other program is offering this kind of support.


Now Lets Talk About Your Investment:


What would you give to have your sugar cravings gone in 28 days?

How about that annoying belly fat… well on its way out of your life?

Enough energy to handle your biz, your kids, the hubs, and the girls in 28 days?

Bloating only a memory in 28 days?


Lady… these things are priceless. I KNOW, that belly bloat is no joke girl!



$275 or 2 payments of $150

Lets Chat

CART OPENS June 1st - June 15th

Pre-Sale Starts May 27th - May 31st

Your Investment When Signed Up Through This time

$250 or 2 payments of $135 


You may have attempted a Detox before and found that you didn’t stick with the process the whole way through. One of the main reasons people fail is because they have no real support or plan for how to go about the process.


This is why I created this program for women like you. Who will thrive with the accountability and schedule.


Many Detoxes also require you to take shakes, pills, or supplements.

This is not that kind of Detox.

We do this the natural way with pure nutritious and delicious foods so your body gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.


I wanted to say thank you so much for your expert advice and for your genuine care in following up to see how I was getting on. Who knew something so simple could make such an immediate and drastic change to the way I feel and look. A week later and I’m back into not only my favorite leather pencil skirt, but also a dress I haven’t been able to wear for ages!”
— Soraya S.

Hop on a Quick Call with me, to see if this is a good fit.

Your Investment Only

$275 or 2 payments of $150

Cart Opens June 1st - June 15th 

Pre-Sale May 27th - May 31st Investment $250 or 2 Payments of $135


I’m taking a select few ladies through this program due to the 1:1 support I provide so spots are limited.


Come join the fun! Detox Starts on June 20th!